EVE Online: Putting up POS -Tower and Guns

Ok here is a video i decided to make while i was putting up a POS on SISI, the EVE online test server, i thought as i needed to put us a POS anyway, i might as well try help others to do the same. This is i suppose the first part involving the Control Tower, some mods i onlined for convenience and primarily the guns. PS Ignore the idiot who happened to talk halfway through XD Feel Free to comment! :)

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  • lupuspyro says:

    you must be in a corporation (with the right roles) to put up a starbase, the arrays only require anchoring levels to put them up, its the tower thats the problem; as for numbers, as many as you like but fueling is very expensive so dont put up 10 and then realise you cant fuel 2..

  • MrDevin712 says:

    can you make one without a corps and how many can you make? and i need a corps to join a military one if you need mor people.

  • erikhobag says:

    It’s like 350-500 mil for a Large POS with a lot of structures

  • oblivionps3fan says:

    damn… how much did this all cost man?

  • loser37824567890101 says:

    Hi i have an eve account and i was going to set up a pos in high sec i was wondering if u could tell me the advetages and disadvatages of a pos in high sec my character name is bradford1372

  • doonn1994 says:

    lol my friend got an full pos setup by his own and he hired 1 titan, 2 motherships 5 dreads to def it and course full def systems :D i went there to test it and boom… instapop….. only bye the def systems. energy neutrelisers and everything on it. it was soo epic. i want the acces to it for the hell of it :D
    ps. nice setup good for killing everything that moves

  • IACUnited13 says:

    5:21, I know the feeling.
    5:45 Building is loading, lol.
    7:21, Yes…Stations are a pain to set up, a pain to run but they make for one bad arse anti-ship device.

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