EvE Online: Probing Tutorial

This is an easy to remember probing tutorial for Eve Online. Learn to explore the Eve Universe using probes. Brought to you by: Takedoom

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5 Responses to “EvE Online: Probing Tutorial”

  • TerranSiegeTank says:

    You need to fit a cloaking device to your ship.

  • AlexCail says:

    how do you cloak?

  • metaree says:

    Thanks man! Appreciate the tips!

  • TerranSiegeTank says:

    I have Energy Management V, and I use an Afterburner instead of a Microwarpdrive. I prefer the Afterburner because I go out to low security space and probe out ships in missions or complexes. Most of the time the missions and complexes I find disable the MWD. You should be able to go over 1 km a second with an afterburner if your looking to tackle like my setup is fit for.

  • mrsiborg says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, just curious about your ship. That IS an Anathema isn’t it? How come you have so much cap? Mine has roughly half of that.

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