EVE Online – Probing Tutorial 1 – What You’ll Need

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HEY IM MINTCHIP! YOU’RE YOU (OBV) This time we are Comparing WoW to Eve Online; Gasp. AUDIO SYNC PROBLEMS IDK WHY! I’ll fix it on the next video! Sorry! Update: I’ve gotten a lot of amazing feedback and hate I primarily based on not understanding the full video. Which is fine. But those of you who are still confused, this video isn’t about how ALL GIRLS don’t play eve online – It is my opinion on the reasoning behind many girls not playing eve online, and there being more female wow players than female eve players. If you think for a moment that my opinion of an entire gender is this – then you probably were just mad about the title, and then started a comment :P I’ll most likely revisit this topic again in new video – because most of what I said, I feel is still fairly valid. Just I was a noob.

28 Responses to “EVE Online – Probing Tutorial 1 – What You’ll Need”

  • mikekehlet says:

    Small correction to your video, at lvl 1 Astrometrics you can use 4 probes, not 1 as you say.
    At lvl 5 you can use 8.

  • jsweinert says:

    Nice tutorial Cyan. Good job

  • TheCyanAngel says:

    that’s coming in part 2 :)

  • MrTehrandom says:

    Good starter tutorial, should get most new people into the proper exploration ship straight away! :) Might be interesting to get a bit more indepth with the different kinds of sites, what they offer, what’s dangerous about them etc.

  • Opalstorme says:

    The secret to this game is to get into a good corp. I had way more fun mining and listening to Jon Hallur’s music than missions. Worm Hole exploration rocks too. Dont worry about the lack of skills, train to probe, mine and gas mine and the ships needed in the WH. If you like pvp then get into a zero sec corp. If you like hauling do the buy surplus/deliver to need and profit runs. I stopped when they messed up the characters, no microtransactions for me! Dont need it and I hope they fixed PI :)

  • Falconbridge9 says:

    geeez, 100K hits and 521 dislikes ’cause girl said it would be cool if more girls would play EVE ?
    And on top of it when I saw few of those frustrated teenagers commenting like its the matter of survival of human race and not just friendly,rather pretty, girl trying spread a word and encourage more girls to play it .. ?
    Those interenets-glued to chair-poor kids prolly slowly but surely losing even their affection for opposite gender let alone their long lost social life..

  • Superbestable says:

    I guess too many intelligent people found it before the stupid ones did.

  • gammaglobulin78 says:

    COLD SNAP!?!?!?!? hahahahahha

  • SharpeAlex10 says:

    You should of went with a different name for the vid. Everyone thinks its about you hating eve before they watch it. Then they dislike in blind rage….. Good video btw

  • NickyVdln says:

    hehe thats where internet is for lol

  • Tora1337 says:

    Herp derp… Indeed. I have no life obviously as I commented on your idiocy at the time I found it, as opposed to have been hawking on youtube before I even knew of this channel and commenting when it was much more fresh… Okay, sure… I can totally see that connection. Enjoy your trolling. I’ll simply encourage you to think before you speak. But don’t think you’re alone. 99% of people on the internet don’t engage their brain before they start running off at the mouth.

  • NickyVdln says:

    lol yeah right …

    Btw get a life instead of answering on a 6 month old post

  • Tora1337 says:

    Still you. You still failed to grasp the content of her message. And continued to berate her for encouraging other women to play, which, ultimately what you were trying to also convey. You were both stating the same thing, but you had to go and try to make her sound stupid. So far as I’m concerned, you’re still the baka. I don’t give a fuck if English is your native tongue or not, you’d sound like an idiot in your first language. Have a day! :-)

  • NickyVdln says:

    well probably because english isnt my native tongue

    who is the idiot now

    PS I did listen, i responded to the vid not at the posts of this vid

  • Tora1337 says:

    Says he who is so fuckin’ edumacated he can’t spell ‘why’, ‘too’, or even show a modicum of proper listening skills, and understand that she’s talking about a very real barrier to entry which is prevalent in the game. EVE has a very prominent learning curve, the sort that I’m totally surprised you overcame with your apparent lack of reading comprehension or ability to actually discern what’s really being stated by another person. Especially given the amount of reading required in EVE. Idiot.

  • Tora1337 says:

    To every person that’s hating on this girl for her opinion about why girls “may not enjoy/get/understand/continue with” EVE Online needs to not only get a grip on understanding what it means to actually listen to what someone is saying as opposed to idiot filtering what they hear, but also learn to read a description occasionally. This was posted nearly 2 years ago. Yet people are responding as recent as 5 months ago with the most asinine crap. She’s encouraging women to play. Get a clue.

  • Spacebuz says:

    Also you know nothing about the game, why don’t you try the trial and play it because theres so much to do in EVE.

    You can get a job as a Bounty Hunter, Pirate, Fight against your enemies in your Navy, be part of security, go Mining.

    Also In EVE you can go and go and destroy mining ships and steal stuff. Countless stuff you can do in EVE.

    Right now I’ve played the trial for a few days and I’m a part of the Navy academy =)

  • Spacebuz says:

    LOL I’m Female and I love Eve Online, the complicated stuff in EVE is an idiot filter and once you know it it’s very easy.

    Also I hate WoW because it’s very boring and terrible.

    EVE > WoW. Enough said. RIGHT.

    I’ve also came across many females in my corp also =P so you just got PWNED.

  • tacoshitter says:

    lol the number of people who rage rated before watching the video.

  • GuvernorDave says:

    ok so the things that are unenjoyable about the game are only unenjoyable to females? this is retarded

  • SwallowTheKnife says:

    Good to see that you and 13 other people spent less than ten seconds watching this video before heading to the comment section.

    She didn’t quit. She like’s EVE. You’re retarded.

  • talamo7 says:

    play real life plz

  • zarcnest says:

    Had an fc that was a girl.

  • Neyalana says:

    i like EVE :)

  • gsheac says:

    enders game rocks!!!

  • CrushProject says:

    actually my old corp had 8 girls in it. Some of them were actually hot too (and 1 of them didnt suck!).  Infact for eve id say girls have a larger chance of staying with it, many girls dont like the combat in video games, so eve has a niche for chicks as far as its market and economics and building crap etc.

  • CodyManess says:

    Because she knows nothing about this game. There’s manufacturing, missioning, PvP, Control, Corp, etc… etc… etc… And all of her points are idiotic. Girls only like RPGS? She’s the one being sexist… ALOT of people don’t like this game. Due to the fact THIS GAME IS AN INVESTMENT. And NO game’s have TRUE reward.

  • PlayFastDieLast says:

    lol this girl knows more aba eve than most ppl who play eve do EPIC WIN

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