Eve Online probing for mission runners

Me in my anathema (covert ops) ninja salvaging at Frarn. I dont ninja everytime though. I often jump in the CNR or HAC to assist. Software used: -Fraps -Virtualdub -Adobe Audition

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  • mos7wan7ed says:

    nice homeworld theme music in the background

  • mos7wan7ed says:

    7 is slightly more then 4 isnt it?

  • xmeanxgenex says:

    Good stuff. I love my anathema. The game has a real take on wireless signals in today’s world. Research it and it’ll help even more. The more probes out the more signal and interference. Unless minimal overlap. Almost like channel reuse in wireless routers. Having a larger sphere means further distance to travel which causes attenuation. Weaker signal. I like the idea of having a sphere in a sphere in a sphere. Nice style.

  • GKFC says:

    This is a bad idea.

    Anyone with half a brain will d-scan and see a combat probe 1AU away and immediately become suspicious.

    You want to leave it until right at the last second to drop the range down on your probes.

  • michaelleytham says:

    when you wrap in thats the part where you lock onto him and have some friends wrap ontop of you….hence killing his shit and scareing the crap out of him :P

  • blitzfultime says:

    lord thanos? wasnt you in physco? or maybe the MC i dunno good vid though….

  • MatsudairaTakuma says:

    @Olandezul1600 You should probably research before you rage, the beauty of that setup is that he should normally hit 100% just by moving that structure around rather than having to resize at all.

  • xxMythicCobra says:

    Homeworld music?

  • Dagg215 says:

    Hey, I was in Frarn once! In a gallente shuttle… Getting another Destroyer… That was still 14 jumps away…

  • Gamer7177 says:

    @Olandezul1600 He couldn’t use the shift becuase he had two probes not at the same range as the other 5. He didn’t really need those two probes there though. lol

  • Gamer7177 says:

    @Olandezul1600 He couldn’t use the shift becuase he had two probes not at the same range as the other 5.

  • norad01 says:


    Ha that’s what I was going to ask, and I do believe it is :D

  • Robi12345robi12345 says:

    is that homeworld music in the background ? :D

  • Olandezul1600 says:

    First, you do not know the basic mechanics of the scanning.
    Second, there is a key on the keyboard called SHIFT which allows you to resize and/or move all active probes.
    Third, your scan was in hi sec, so this was something that a 2-3 month noob can do as well

  • Rohkus says:

    I herd if you use 4 probes you can have more probing strength; is that true? They said that as you move probes closer together, they lose strength…but if you have 4 probes they are stronger…thoughts?

  • JonnyPew says:

    The video was very helpful. I just recently read about that exact scanning technique.

    The quality was quite nice too. I’m considering posting my own video of this method except with voice instruction. Hmm…

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