EVE Online: POS Industry – The How To’s

My first vid about POS’ was centred on the military side, making sure the POS is safe-ish. This one is to try and inform about the use of civilian arrays such as construction and reactions, construction and research are generally quite easy to operate, but I’ve seen the most problems come from setting up reactors, so hopefully this can solve them :) enjoy! Feel Free to comment ! :)

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  • fabiletti4 says:

    hey whats your classin eve manufacturer?

  • maelstromson says:

    It is. Anyone know the artist/song name?

  • 1506Eddy says:

    Nice vid, very nice music too =)

  • knurlykneed says:

    I’m trying to fruck up the business of can flipping, therefore, while mining the good stuff for yourself, jettison only regular cans with junk in them, such as 1 unit of Veldspar per can. You want rat flippers to open them to discover their shit. If enough people do this, can flippers can bet on flipping junk cans at some point. There really is only one solution: never jettison to feed the rats, but profits take more time.

  • planelander says:

    hahaha i took for ever to make everything go online hahaha
    Love the POS tower name hahahahaha

  • Rawr5649 says:

    thanks lol I’ve got it now. Pretty much played nonstop since I posted that xD

  • michamus says:


    Giant Secure Containers can only be anchored in 0.7 space or smaller. To anchor the container you place it within the cargo hold a vessel with at least 3,000 m3 of cargo hold capacity.

    You then will have to travel to the belt you wish to anchor the giant secure cargo container (GSCC) at and find an ideal location within that belt to anchor it. The GSCC must be at least 5km from an asteroid, wreck and container to be anchored.

    Fly safe.

  • Inzan3 says:

    Thanks for this

  • Rawr5649 says:

    I was hoping to gain some insight on how to mine using giant secure containers

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