Eve Online Planetary Interaction Tutorial Part 1

What to make with PI, how to find a PI planet and fitting a PI ship. Part 1 of 4. Visit my blog at eveellence.blogspot.com and get a free 21 day trial to Eve Online and a bunch of in-game currency (ISK)!

7 Responses to “Eve Online Planetary Interaction Tutorial Part 1”

  • jumpjumpdiegaming says:

    Awesome man. I’m listening to this now at work and will watch it again when I get home. FIGL FTW

  • Umedark says:

    love the vid helped me alot. sub

  • TheTaintedBlood666 says:

    WOO, caldari rule

  • beliefsarenottruth says:

    This may seem like an infantile question, but how do you calculate the ISK per m^3?

  • VanoushkaPatel says:

    Thanks guys :) As far as the spreadsheet, I wrote it myself. Id rather not this spreadsheet get out in circulation too much, but if you make your own, it will make much more sense to you (and probably take less time) anyways rather than learning how someone else arranged theirs. Good luck!

  • mariusvanc says:

    Best PI tutorial yet. Before newbies get too carried away destroying their ECUs, that’s only due to link length and running out of CC resources. If the hot spots were closer together, you might not have to worry. Maybe a good idea to build the processing infrastructure and start linking it first, and only destroy the ECUs if you run out of CC resources. But it’s not a lot of ISK to rebuild them.

  • loczster says:

    Wow…In-depth guide..love it. Where did u get the spreedsheet? Can you share the spreedsheet template?

    Great vid

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