EVE Online – PI POS fuel setup

i finished my planetary interaction colonies for gallente POS fuel production so here is an overview of that

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Alevel four mission from EvE Online called “Worlds Collide”. Flying with a Tengu … a Strategic Cruiser. —————————— Eine Level 4 Mission von EvE Online genannt “Welten prallen aufeinander”. Geflogen mit einer Tengu … ein Strategischer Kreuzer. —————————— “WC – Part 2: Sansha” can you see here: www.youtube.com —————————— The 23′th [1/2] video from my series “Spacemiezi’s Missionsrunning (EvE)”. Playlist found here if u want to check it out: www.youtube.com —————————— All stages on the whole mission was flown with the same fitting on my ship … an Omni-Res-Fit. To pass the gates at the “Warzone” without destroying the gate guards you’ll need a “Zbikoki’s Hacker Card”. This item is dropped by “Zor” on various other missions. I’ve got this cards in my cargo for a fast entry to the bases. I also destroy the enemys at Warp in-Stage 1, but not at the beginning ;) . Enjoy … … “Dare to be bold, pilot” … Comments, Ratings, what ever … are still welcome. — Credits and detailed infos shown at the end of movie. (Short version, cause it’s a part from a series)

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  • Wargargble says:

    its still the old good me just ive got a free weekend while no aability 2 play eve :(

  • GabeNiann says:

    Your PI setup is flawed atm.
    You can get a lot more from those links, the shorter the better, your links are just WAY, WAY too long.
    Make ‘em shorter and you will have a huge increase in your setup.
    Just try it out, there is not math behind it.

  • delonewolf says:

    Who are you and what have you done with Wargargble? :-)

  • Wargargble says:

    good video, explains much

    2bad i forgot 2 buy me a plex and now i have 2 wait till monday 2 start producing caldari fuel :/

  • Anyamar666 says:

    I actually dont know.
    Was testing SWTOR for some weeks. Now playing Guild Wars 2 since release and this game is stunning me alot. But i still ‘ve my EVE Online account running. Let’s see what the future brings.

  • tuskiownsall8517 says:

    Are you going to make anymore EVE videos, they are pretty fun to watch for a carebear like me?

  • Anyamar666 says:

    No I’m not. I’m playing EVE now since around 3 years. The video was made around 1,5 years ago (As you can see above). Overseer arrival is only a chance. And theres also only a chance he drop factional items. Sorry,.. but i have other things to do than trying to spawn the Overseer for hours to get a factional drop that is also very rare.
    BTW: Dont say -noob-.. thats pretty rude. Say Rookie or Newbie. Regards ….

  • Patryk Makarewicz says:

    well seems like you are new in eve , cause you dont even spawn the oveerser for angel / sansha which can drop a faction module ( around 100 mln ISK ).
    I think you just made that movie for showing ppl your tengu … well noobs can be pretty much excited …

  • Anyamar666 says:

    Thanks mate..

  • MrUriHuffer says:

    New Videos?!? SOO Excited xD
    Can’t wait to see them. great vids, great music, You Rock

  • Anyamar666 says:

    New EvE videos will come but atm it’s a bit freezed…. stay tuned.. :)

  • liidan15 says:

    yeah your right :D . ive only had for about…two weeks now? i have a legion but i was just tired of being tracking dist…im looking forward to more videos :) just subbed to your channel!

  • Anyamar666 says:

    Sounds like you flying this ship not for a long time at the moment. You will find out what this ship can tank in the future. If you want to see it earlier, then look my “The Hard Way” videos. ;)

  • liidan15 says:

    yeah i figured that out after they blew up in a couple hits. i had a maelstrom helping me just incase…im only truely scared of the frigs

  • Anyamar666 says:

    How comes? Angels can nothing but die very fast. ;)

  • liidan15 says:

    im running the two small booster pve fit of the tengu. and im kinda scared to do this mission lol

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