EVE Online: Part 3/3: Mining in a Wormhole & Aftermath

Audio will be better balanced next time around. Please leave comments if you would like to see more of the different aspects of eve online.

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  • knurlykneed says:

    I’m trying to fruck up the business of can flipping, therefore, you mine the good stuff for yourself and jettison only regular cans with junk in them, such as 1 unit of Veldspar in each can. As payback, you want rat flippers to open them to discover their shit. If enough people do this, can flippers can bet on flipping junk cans at some point. Fail-proof solution is never jettison to feed the rats, but profits take more time.

  • JBGLiTcH says:

    with the drones, they don’t always attack them, so long as your main ship shoots them first, sleepers prioritizes their targets on the ship rather than drones. it doesn’t mean it always works but most of the time it does

  • zp27772 says:

    you should have fitted warp core stabelisers insted of the expanders and had your d scan open than you would have been able to warp off.

  • FmMan33 says:

    That’s the main thing (apart from how quiet the voice-over was) that irked me. Right-Clicking to get shit done is so dumb, there’s hardly ever reason not to use the selection panel other than if you were to want to do a one off orbit at a particular distance. Other than that, the video was really interesting, and I can’t wait to watch more.

  • DJMTURNER says:

    Thats one of the funniest eve vids ive seen for a while, did you not see him outside wh at the end of part 2?! and why you have overview and selected items grouped together?? making it harder for yourself lol

  • P4nicFaceKing says:

    google ‘Eve Online Tiger Ears’. it will take you to a blog written by a player who lives in WH space. it seems far from boring. and maybe it will help for future excavations.

  • AndrewTheRed1 says:

    Haha. Good idea actually. And your right I should have been D-Scanning but I think the video turned out great! Eve can be a dangerous place. I just pity those who sit in WHs for hours for their eve experience. I’d be bored to tears.

  • P4nicFaceKing says:

    dont bother dude, im pretty sure he’s never even heard of it.

  • P4nicFaceKing says:

    WHY DO YOU KEEP LAUNCHING DRONES!!!! sleepers eat drones. i cant believe you flew into WH space and didnt even open you directional scanner. WH’s are never ‘quiet’ they just appear to be quiet. WH dwellers get enough benefits of living in these territories without noobs like you showing up and offering them free kills ffs. do some research first. ill be posting this to my corp mates as a go-to guide on how NOT to fly in WH space.

  • spapadillion says:

    D. Scan – D. Scan – D. Scan

  • kaninkalle says:

    Another awesome video and very nice Hulk tanking there…

  • ultimatums1337 says:

    well that was intertaining :) suprized the hulk tanked them as well as it did :)

  • TheDoctoracid says:

    I like the video alot never knew that you can tank sleepers in a mining ship. never seen or heard of it,

    Looks like you have directional scan open wondering if you know how to dirrectional scan?

    I would like to show you what living in a worm hole is like some time my player name is r1de2live mail me some time in game.

  • klominator says:

    Thanks for the vids, I’m looking forward to see more EvE footage from you.

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