EVE Online: Okay, now what?

I finished the Advanced Tutorial series. Only one video upcoming from there – where they send me on a task that ensures my ship is blown up. o_O In this video, I learn about certificates. I wanted to show other potential new players there is some help in game to learn about fittings. But…um…now what? I mean, what next? The Sister arc? ==== I don’t mind spoilers but I politely ask that, if you want to post a spoiler, put ******SPOILER****** above it so people can skip it if they’d like. Thank you. Disclaimer: EVE Online was developed by CCP. I am not affiliated with CCP. I purchased the game with my own funds. EVE Online: www.eveonline.com Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

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  • Bobby Cartwright says:

    lol the ship blowing up….read the mission and you will kno be4 hand

  • RaafiUTube1 says:

    Why did I get interested in this game -_- mind you I already have a 2 slasher ( 1 got destroyed), a rifter, 2 burst, and about 20 plus skill (mind you, I’ve only play it for 1.5 days) I’m even getting ready to pick a hoarder. My question to myself (and other new players should be asking themselves) is “do I want to find out, how far the rabbit hole really go??”
    I don’t know, and I don’t think I want to go all that far deep, why? Because it is a cluster fuck Ò,Ó

  • RaafiUTube1 says:

    Ò,Ó I is a new player (2days old), and I’m like WHHYYY did I get

  • My22World says:


  • karfredo says:

    Join a Corp, use the corp finder in your captains quarters (picture on the wall to the left of the Main “TV” screen) it has some nice filters to narrow down your search for just what kind of Corp you may want to join.

  • synnistry says:

    Aaah, I see. I find them a good guide as a noob. I saw a list of skills and just started training everything, especially things with short times. That wasn’t efficient. I didn’t understand (and still don’t thoroughly) what skills go together. Now I understand the Capacitor skills better! :)

  • Xideinis says:

    Sure! Or I can contact you. Whichever you prefer.

  • Renvexer says:

    True you can’t go to war while in an NPC corp, however you can still go out into low/nulsec and do all the PVPing you want. You’ll just be with a group of buddies, instead of corpmates. That’s what I do from the safety of my NPC corp anyway :p wormhole roaming ftw !

    Race really doesnt matter as far as where you can go, UNLESS you do a bunch of faction missions to piss off a certain faction to a certain point where the navy shoots you on sight. (for example, i am KOS to amarr >_> )

  • Renvexer says:

    Whenever you finish training a skill, it will pop up in the top left corner (next to the button for character sheet) saying skill complete. If they has given you any certs, that will also be written there and it will keep popping up every time a skill finishes until you claim it.

    Btw I have a passive shield tanked pirate faction battleship. And I don’t have the BASIC passive shield tanking cert. So they ARE a good guide, but they aren’t really “all important”.

  • HowlingBloodWolf says:

    This video are alright but me i don’t like them i don’t know maybe i am just a ass but i don’t like this videos

  • DreadSouls says:

    also i think u should go do the sisters arc cause it kinda introduces u to the other empires and i guess helps u explore the area a little more, and u can join a corp if u wanted, most are laid back and let u do what u want, only the more serious low sec/null sec corps force u to do certain things…

    as for the certificate stuff, i think its just a useless feature, sure u can show other people what skills u have, but why would u want to do that, why let others know what ur good/bad at ?

  • DreadSouls says:

    you can go into any system, unless u do a lot of missions, lets say u do a lot of minmatar missions then ur standing towards amarr and caldari will go down, if that gets really low then the respected navys of those empires will come after u when u enter their space, but u really dont need to worry about that this early on, u have to do thousands if not millions of missions to get to the point of being disliked enough to get shot at….

  • emikochan13 says:

    eve-u doesn’t let you fly ? I had no idea :o Are they at war ?

    Friends is awesomes :)

    Sisters of EVE arc is really great though you will want to be heading towards a cruiser while doing it, it gets pretty hard later! (that arc also takes you around all 4 empires, which might have answered the question you had about being able to go to jita xD)

    I remember finding the certs too, They are an OCD nightmare! I just can’t resist training stuff I don’t need to finish a cert >_<

  • margar1231 says:

    It doesnt matter which race you are. Players are just people and are free to fly with who ever they wish. They do have thier rivals but most people dont bother since eve is so much more massive then the back story of the game. The politics and players make a much more indepth game/storyline then what is given by ccp. Eve is a giant sandbox and its player driven so it is possible to have universal peace where no one would die in eve or complete chaos where everyone shoots everyone.

  • purplepastafarian says:

    Righty, as a 4 year (off & on) vet I would suggest that you do the “Sisters of Eve” Epic Arc whilst you look around for a good corp. I wouldn’t advise rushing into one as your “Employment History” is with you for the life of your toon and some corps will refuse to take you based on the corp you’ve joined and the time you spent in them.

    Have a look at swiftandbitterdotcom/eve/wtd/ and try to get a vague idea as to what you wan’t to specialise in.

  • Miandrakax says:

    Iv’e been following your last few videos.

    I am a five year veteran, and good friends with a very homey alliance that you could join, were you will get loads of tips and help in every walk of EVE life.

    Contact Drake Arson in game, if to just chat, or even to ask any question you have regarding EVE, i’m sure I could help!

  • RealArcalian says:

    something that’s confused me about this; races vs corps. I can’t see Caldari and Gallente, for example, in the same corp. Minmatar and Amarr? Even less likely.

  • synnistry says:

    I want to clarify about not flying/recording. Obviously, I would not record anything that would jeopardize the Corp, like chat, etc. I understand why EVE Uni has the no-fly rule: new players are easy targets.

    However, if I decide to accept the risk of flying a Burst (for example) to do something, and I can afford to replace my ship, I think it should be my decision to fly – and I take the responsibility for that decision. I know going in what’s up.

    Ok…continue on! :)

  • Bunnyan says:

    Mostly I use the recommended tab on the ship info screen to see what certificates I should be aiming for. You’re right it would be nice if it showed which of the recommended certificates you’ve completed much like the prerequisites tab does for skills)
    As for joining a corps I suppose its all a matter of trial and error. Though don’t discount fleeting up with people you’ve friended in game and tagging along on their missions or roams, plenty fun to be had without commiting to a corp.

  • synnistry says:

    Thank you! I do have a question about home systems…I will send it in game.

  • synnistry says:

    It seems to be my gift to find the new features CCP added to the game. Someone else suggested getting the Core skills up as well because they are used for almost everything.

    I want to go to Jita just to see what the hype is and I am curious how the other racial areas look!

  • Swordman939 says:

    To answer your question; yes, you can go to Jita. (mind the scams)
    As long as you do not have security standing below -2.5ish (outlaw status) or a Faction standing of -5.0 or below with the sovereignty holder you can travel throughout Empire space(hisec).
    As per certificates, they are fairly new to EVE, having only been around for a year or so. They are helpful and can get you started down the right path for training. I recommend getting your Core skills up quickly, it’s extremely helpful.

  • Xideinis says:

    What’s next, you ask? Finished with the tutorials, you say?
    Congratulations! You are now ready to begin playing the game! Enjoy your second life!

    I recommend getting a new home system. Also, find a GOOD corporation. That will help you most of all. They’ll help you make money if they’re good too.

    Choose a corporation depending on what your interests are

    For further information about the game, feel free to write me a mail in-game, same name as here. I would be happy to help answer any questions

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