EVE Online: Noctis gameplay

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When I original recorded my eighth video, my microphone was apparently not working, and so I do not have the original audio. However, I went ahead and recorded a track for it after the fact, so it may feel a bit different that my normal video. The audio also cuts off suddenly at the end of the video, but I don’t actually say anything after that point. Sorry if this takes away from the quality at all. Also, thank you for the likes, subscribes, and comments I’ve received so far! It’s great to know that some people out there are enjoying my videos.

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  • Sterling Marne says:

    In this video I’m still using Fraps. It’s nice, but it has caused me some performance issues. I recently switched to DXTORY and I LOVE it. Much better performance, and cool features like showing you’re FPS but not putting it in the video. Both are paid apps.

  • Burgerbuster74 says:


    What did you use to record this?

    Free or payed?


  • Sterling Marne says:

    I appreciate the comment. I’m having a lot of fun so don’t expect me to quit any time soon.

  • runeflipvids says:

    Great video I’m a new player but I’m not a old player making a new acc I’m a legitimate noob it’s fun for me 2 watch these nice videos

  • MrMortalify says:

    Awesome. keep going.

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