EVE Online – Navy Raven Issue – The Best Mission Boat

Mission running by Nandinko April 2008

Video Rating: 4 / 5

A brief explanation of how transversal velocity in EVE affects your ability to hit targets effectively with turrets.

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  • Rawr5649 says:

    @eduardvictor calm down…

  • po0po0nanA says:

    And it looks sooo good after crucible came out ;)

  • eduardvictor says:

    A Machariel shits all over any overtanked piece of shit Golem or Tengu or Drake or CNR or Raven.

    Contrary to popular belief, having holy shit awesome DPS in missions is better than having a tank.

    When you are in a ship that goes 600ms and can do 1.1k DPS from 6 km to 80 km, tanking doesn’t really matter.

    I LOL at anyone that says that any other ship is better at missions than a Machariel.

    Possibly the Vargur, but it’s still overtanked in comparison, and does less DPS…

  • LReminds says:

    @ArmAMajor With CTR f9

  • ArmAMajor says:

    How do you push away the hud and sides?

  • LethalLithiumLi says:

    Is the raven the best or the marauder that uses the same ship type? i dont remember the exact name…

  • slagfury says:

    awsome video. i like using my nighthawk fo missions though. although using t2 ammo is a bit overkill but what the heck the faster i beat the mission the more iskies i make.

  • slagfury says:

    i fly me shiny nighthawk its a beast in lvl 4 missions. a we bit overkill if i use t2 ammo but meh i got plenty isk. iv’e always wanted to own a navy raven but yet can’t seem to properly fit a regular raven.

  • KimInChains says:

    Why would you ridicule the CNR with that shitty music?

  • TheNorbertchen says:


  • bigkierran says:


  • IronMan44444 says:

    what was the ship at 2:16?

  • liberty211662 says:

    @LReminds what about golem?

  • CalicoatMaker says:

    @LReminds Cygnus doesnt know that grouping your weapons will overkill the target on the killshot, wasting every weapon’s damage beyond the last damage amount.

    People that group their weapons will always do less damage from their waste than the damage I lose in reaction time, and the longer the fight, the more enemies there are, the more advantage I have on enemies than anyone else will

  • icl4ntic says:

    @CygnusSC no reason to group slow-refire weaponry when you’re npcing.

  • caveman999666 says:

    haha the navy scorp is so much better

  • jnj0128 says:

    @elmoekardt Depends on the situation I suppose, but CNR will out mission a Golem 9 times out of ten, can fly both have flown both, and CNR almost always clears faster…. Golem is good if you don’t have a salvage alt, and use utility slots for such, beyond that, CNR hands down…

  • elmoekardt says:

    lol best mission boat is the golem and has been for a very long time, long before this video was posted.

  • JonnyPew says:

    @Rocklobster888888 I’m aware, but thanks for the reply.

  • Rocklobster888888 says:


    A CNR is a Caldari Navy Raven class Battleship.
    Essentially an improved Raven.

    If you wanna fly a CNR, you gotta be capable of at least piloting a Raven.

  • JonnyPew says:

    I will probably never train for the Raven BS because I’m Minmatar based. But there is still a possibility i will one day get to give the CNR a shot since some Minmatar ships make use of Missiles and I’ll have trained those skills.

    Good video LReminds.

  • Rocklobster888888 says:

    Nothing says the Golem is better like it’s 9k volley every 6.7 seconds.

  • Kevlord22 says:

    now thats a quality video :) Thanks for the upload

  • MrJarhead1994 says:

    @tsnr2 go away you smelly troll

  • nittss says:

    I two hit battleships with torps…

  • jar8619 says:

    @MrParadoxFreak This is absolutely correct. You need to use care when matching TV. Generally speaking, if your ship class is larger than your opponent, they will most likely be able to hit you anyway since they would be using smaller weapons, depending on distance of course.

  • MrParadoxFreak says:

    When you’re following your target that way isn’t it true that the enemy will be able to hit you with greater accuracy also?

  • fiercemonkey1 says:

    Hey man could you make a video in a combat situation? it could be set up but still seeing it in action would help too. also, while in said situation, take it slow and explain every thing your doing? thanks man and fly hard!

  • zaftMauritius says:

    No its the Amarr Harbinger but thanks for reply ^_^

  • startide says:

    Spage is correct, missiles don’t care about transversal, they DO match up against your velocity because they have an explosion velocity… so if you move faster than the missiles, you will get lower damage.

  • jar8619 says:

    @zaftMauritius Ashimmu I think

  • zaftMauritius says:

    whats the ship at 0.04 on the left conner pls?

  • Spadge5000 says:

    I don’t think transversal velocity has any effect on missiles, only the oppositions velocity comes into play with regards to missile damage. Nice vid tho dude :)

  • jar8619 says:

    @blueharmony6 it depends on the weapons you’re using, but generally speaking, yes. The ships themselves have bonuses, such as the Claw having a bonus to both small projectile turret damage and tracking speed based on your level of minmatar frigate and interceptor, respectively.

  • blueharmony6 says:

    if ur in a interceptor would u be able to hit them if ur going really fast with a tight orbit?

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