Eve Online: my first incursion

i did my first incursion today, an assault encounter right away but we were succesfull. the first music is from alienhand: “dare to be bold” the rest are from the eve jukebox.

This is a video response for everyone who asked me to ‘do’ all of Eve’s ladies – I haven’t, but this is one step closer… I’ve made two Amarrian ‘Amarr’ females, and placed them side by side, to see how different they’d look without really trying to be ‘different’, as such – although that didn’t really work out – I deleted my first attempt at the lady on the left, as no amount of lipstick could hide the fact she’d been beaten (badly) by the ‘ugly’ stick… :((( The Character Creator is still in its test phases; so even more improvements can be expected (Soon™) All images and music are, and remain, the property of CCP – Used with permission.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

19 Responses to “Eve Online: my first incursion”

  • RAVENWOOD117 says:

    @killo2222 first time seeing a pve fleet with fc.
    He did good and clear targetcalling and used tags when he said to engage a particular sansha. He also alarmed fleet when something happens like when a new spawn will appear or when someone needs rr.
    Imo, these are the things a fc has to do and has been done in this vid.
    The way he fitted his myrm and how he used it, made me go “?” though

  • Sw3denGamer says:

    this was a vanguard site right?

  • LovelyKiller19 says:

    you did great, who cares what they say you had fun right o/o and to the dumb ass with the fc comment, you know this guy isnt the fc right??? hes just on com’s DUH!!! and actually the fc is pretty good, has full control over fleet and keeps everyone aware of the situations that change. Nice

  • MrGotchababe says:

    @delonewolf Because i’m a sansha loyalist :P

  • delonewolf says:

    @MrGotchababe why u so mad?

  • MrGotchababe says:

    Dude you are so noob, why ecm on the primary? why not firing? why ecm drones? why u play eve?

  • LegendaryGoldDragon says:

    The music is cool, I’ve been an Eve VET since 06,
    They’ve changed the graphics a whole lot, but they
    have nerfed a whole lot too…….still no station walking,
    and still no 1st Person Shooter Action (Sad Panda) (T_T)

  • killo2222 says:

    @delonewolf hehe yea read that right after I clicked post.. but just like koba said, you need dps drones.. put on some rails or artillery.. just go for dps with a buffer, plates and resists.. if you have a good logi pair or more. and like I say try using tags for PVE really usefull for target calling.. everyone can see whats next..

  • delonewolf says:

    @killo2222 at the time i thought they were ECM drones .. oops :-)

  • killo2222 says:

    Terrible fit imo. @RAVENWOORD117 and not really good fc’ing.. you’ve never seen a good fc I guess.. when you do pve its good to use tags for target calling..
    really are you using SD drones for pve ? 0_0..
    and you’re overview is kinda chaotic imo.

  • Koba4329 says:

    you should change your fit, dont have a armor reper in the first place get a bigger buffer cause u dont need to rep really the loggi will do it for you, and slap on a ECCM, as well maybe a tracking computer, and maybe a web to slow down those nasty frigs for those BS to get their DPS on it, and take off those remote armor reps (cause again the loggi should be able to rep on their own) and put some guns on there more DPS and take those ships down right quick.

  • rockashadow777 says:

    lol @ the sensor dampener drones grouped as ECM

  • delonewolf says:

    aw man turns out i made so many mistakes it’s not even funny. wrong drones, left my armor repairer on almost the whole fight and my overview is a mess. ah wel good learning experience.

  • RAVENWOOD117 says:

    nice fight, good fc’ing

  • Blu3Emperor says:

    awesome :D
    and hard : /

  • TheSenegal47 says:

    where did you download this character creator test program? i want to give it a try to see what its like.

  • LexHiram says:

    @daghetnie Thanks. A new build for the Character Creator just came out today, which I’m downloading; so, I hope there may be even more improvements than last time….

  • daghetnie says:

    Well……. thats just frecking impressive!

  • TheSoapbox77 says:

    The fair skinned Red head was amazing but then you added the Blonde Bob and she turned into a Daryl Hannah/Bladerunner chick. Lex your skillz are amazing on the fly. Have a great New Year lex Ill see you on line….

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