Eve-online music: Surplus of rare artifacts

Warning! I did not make this music! This video is to show people the great music of EVE-online. I will not send you the music via email or anything else! If you would like to hget it, you can download it free at EVE-online.com!

25 Responses to “Eve-online music: Surplus of rare artifacts”

  • AyalaZN says:

    I have found it…:P

  • AyalaZN says:

    When I hear this music I always feel something like “I won’t be here forever, everything what i know will destroy or change, my life is so short”, but somehow this isn’t a negative feeling..rather calming, and a little strange, reminding me I have one life, i will be more courageous and self-conscious.

  • AyalaZN says:

    Beautiful.. and the picture, too.
    Where have you found this picture?

  • TheReaverOfDarkness says:

    I think it would be neat to have a second galaxy without any stargates, and introduce interstellar travel. That would allow some of us to truly get away from it all. =)

  • TheKainMan says:


    Gods, I hate where EVE is going right now. The only thing that’ll eventually bring me back to it is the music, only for the nostalgia value. I’ll probably sit in station, staring at a static door (fuckers stole our ship spinning), listening to the tracks.

  • bengacris says:


  • Wikkiter says:

    Aye, If I miss one thing, it’s the emptiness, the feeling that you were the first man ever to go there… now you go anywhere and you’re destined to be bubbled :L

  • rbellev says:

    I listen to this song, and I am immediately reminded and brought back to a time when EVE was so much simpler, and true to form. Yes, it’s impossible to stop the evolution of this game towards a critical mass, but I will always have memories of a time when the game seemed slower, I didn’t feel rushed to a purpose, and the space truly felt endless and empty.

  • sightseek3r says:

    Why do all of your videos cut off abruptly?

  • jimsondanet says:

    I wish I had mushrooms

  • GrayPhantom13 says:

    too bad its only 4 minutes long.

  • blackjoker12 says:

    set up a playlist with this song and call it “Epic Sex” lol

  • HitodamaKyrie says:

    I would have sex with this music, if that were possible.

  • tajemniczy695 says:

    nice space sad

  • Daco65 says:

    yes, but the original was alot slower. compare it to eve-files[dot]com/media/corp/evemusic/ and you’ll see im right. for once tho , i like both versions. a song to fit the mind drowning away into space…

  • asderso says:

    Thank you so so much for this superb upload!

  • Aisriyth131 says:

    Ever hear Ronald Jenkees? Doesn’t do any note crap at all and plays entirely by ear and is phenomenal.

  • georgem124 says:

    especially when it’s chord based like this.

  • georgem124 says:

    sheet music helps alot though.

  • georgem124 says:

    That’s not true at all…

    Infact I play all my music by ear and get it 100% correct. It just takes alot of fine tuning and rearrangement in fl studio.

  • georgem124 says:

    the game is supposed to be slow…

    Most MMORPG’s are too slow…

    They are bringing out a fast-paced FPS for consoles though called ‘Dust 514′

  • RenderedGore says:

    True musicians organize their music in notational format on sheets. People who play by ear WILL and ALWAYS DO play at least one wrong note. Don’t be a smart arse – doesn’t suit you.

  • shade231 says:

    true, but you can’t learn to play it by ear alone without knowing where to begin.

    You know I never did find the damn sheet music to this lol

  • Reduxalicious says:

    This song always reminds me of the first time i was i got a badger and went to Jita, just beautiful…the entire game..

  • trabbati says:

    its one of those songs that make the game seem even slower! XD the game idea is gr8 couldent make it better but its so fucking slow!

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