Eve-online music: Smoke from down below

Warning! I did not make this music! This video is to show people the great music of EVE-online. I will not send you the music via email or anything else! If you would like to hget it, you can download it free at EVE-online.com!

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  • tehWard0g says:


  • FightNHB says:

    didnt get into the game too much, but i kept all the music files that were in the game. prolly the best in game music ever made.

  • mettalx1 says:

    Too bad I can’t play the game, it always freezes to me :( … I don’t get it, I can play Bad Copmany 2 on medium without any problems, it’s not fair :(

  • TheReaverOfDarkness says:

    I wouldn’t say that. I think antisocial gamers do poorly in any MMO unless they can figure everything out on their own. But maybe I’m just not antisocial and don’t know how many people I play with are.

    I’ve never tried being antisocial in an online game, especially not an MMO. I don’t know what it’d be like. You may be right.

  • championkhan says:

    Eve favors the social gamer. A solitary pilot will have a lot of trouble starting out but someone who is willing to play with others will grow exponentially very fast.

  • championkhan says:

    My fav track for sure.

  • TheReaverOfDarkness says:

    It’s not that EVE is against newbies, but rather that newbies aren’t getting babied when they enter. Newbies have it the hardest, but they’re quite welcome in many areas in EVE.

  • TheReaverOfDarkness says:

    Yes. Yes they are.

  • Blacksun388 says:

    The winter patch seems to try and finally fix hybrids AND walking inside stations. All your dreams coming true yet?

  • Blacksun388 says:


  • TheReaverOfDarkness says:

    The only real problem with EVE is that there are a handful of large and easily fixable problems getting missed again and again. PLEX is good, DUST-514 will rock, World of Darkness is likely going to be awesome, and EVE overall is not really getting neglected. In fact, EVE is more balanced than almost any other game out there. CCP just needs to fix hybrids and then they can work on walking in stations for all I care.

    I don’t use hybrids, I just like a balanced game.

  • TheKainMan says:

    Sorry, CCP needs to do all that, not EVE.

  • TheKainMan says:

    EVE needs to fire their economics department, get rid of PLEX’, scrap Generic-FPS DUST 514 and Faggot-Vampire WoD and start catering to the needs of the EVE player base again.

  • Zilerrezko says:

    WWWHHHYYY are you a pay 2 play D’:

  • bengacris says:

    I think that what EVE needs is an even better makert management with new things to the economic system.

  • fuazzole says:

    I hate the game, cause it doesn’t run on my computer any more :*( 04:00, sleepy, beer, mining to such music….this is what kept kids of the streets

  • InfragilisTerminatio says:


  • KingDuncanII says:

    life’s cruel ‘aint it. I went into one with 2 corp mates and almost got ganked by a pvper in a battlecruiser. :O

  • kronnyqq says:

    The music is truly amazing. I play the game on and off, it could have a lot of potential but in order for this to happen some main aspects of the game would have to be changed, and that will never happen. It’s the only MMO out there that basically pretty much screams out ‘We don’t like noobs, go away’. The real time skill training and the risk of losing billions of ISK in PVP is an instant turnoff for newbies. It’s not possible to be new to the game and get good at it for at least a few years.

  • inqurious says:

    I could never get too much into the game itself, but EVE had the best sci-fi music I’ve ever come across. This is how I imagine my response to space would be: awed, full of wonder, and a little afraid of the vastness of it all.

  • herointoast says:

    haha, i used to play too and when i hear the music I feel like i’m reminiscing times with an old friend or something emotionally equivalent. WHY EVE? WHYYYY??!!

  • hamer1of1light says:

    dont go in a wormhole if you have less than a years expierience u might loose ur stuff. and dont listen 2 anyone whoever says that its safe they dont no that its real dangerous. my corp and i lost everything in there gear and all. and after that incodent i quit playing eve. ill never go bak2the game again. i felt like a gambler who lost everything in vegas.

  • primatepaul says:

    Omg i miss EVE so much, i got a new job about a year ago, and a new gf, and now i have o time to play. I was playing for about a year, and things were just starting to get good… songs like this make me all emotional. sigh.

  • mike3641616 says:

    this is such a sublime piece!! I could listen to it forever (or listen to it on repeat for 3 hours while I study)

  • mike3641616 says:

    this is such a sublime piece!! I listened to it on repete while I was studing and 2 hours later I realized it was still playing!

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