EVE Online: Mission-running in a Tengu

Sorry my subscribers. Not a PvP Video this time ;) Mission: Angel Extravaganza, Level 4 Completion Time: 44:14 (no bonus) Someone said that T3 cruisers take too much time to do level 4 missions, so I took this video to show him how fast my tengu can complete a mission. Yes, tengu may not be capable of doing missions as fast as the ‘mighty’ CNR. But it’s not too slow. My tengu: eve.battleclinic.com ps I tried different styles of music this time. Good or bad?

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25 Responses to “EVE Online: Mission-running in a Tengu”

  • IdontlikeusingLOL says:

    song makes my ears bleed

  • 7Kiymaira7 says:

    @QarraxZoi thats korean

  • aromchuen says:

    @katselphrime That is true. But I’ve run a HAM Tengu for lvl 4 for some time now and range has never been an issue.
    With a speed of 650m/s with an afterburner and the pilots attention, there should not be 1 second that goes by without missiles coming out of the ship.
    With good co-ordination, you should always have a ship within range, which is always the case for me. :)

    Some people say, that you have to “do too much” with HAMs…. well why do you play if you dont want to PLAY I ask?

  • aromchuen says:

    The Tengu is a BEAST for lvl 4 missions. It’s not suitable for EVERY mission but I’ve found it to be extremely efficient in 60% of the time.

    With heavy assault missiles it can dish out close to 800 dps and and sure it’s not a nano ship but with 650 m/s with afterburner and focus from the pilot, there is not a second that you are not within range of an npc.

  • Sodiumreactor says:

    What is the item you have running in the high slot next to the HML’s? It looks like a Target Painter, but those are mid slot items. I must know!

  • ChrisRaptor1 says:

    @Anyamar666 ya i know, posted that a month ago, but then looked at it and saw that the “ECM” sub system gives you a dronebay, so ya kinda meant to say, of they most used mission subs, there is no drone bay….but i have looked and there is a sub (not a commonly used one tho) so ya, kinda didnt look at taht sub cus i was NEVER going to use it..so ya my bad on that one

  • Anyamar666 says:

    thaqts wrong… thers a subsystem who support drones

  • Anyamar666 says:

    this fit isnt good i guess….
    u flying around with nonstop-AB.. orbiting useless things…focusing on frigs u could tank still end of all spawns

    when i fly a AE i stand at gate with a stable SB and shoot first all BS who spawns outa hell and tank all other till the end of all spawns… then switch to t1 missiles and blow BC, Des, and frigs outa hell -.-

    Fitting: 6 T2 HM’s, omni-shieldtankres, maybe a webber for downing frigs faster… thats it..

  • ChrisRaptor1 says:

    The tengu has no drone bay….none of the subsystems give it at all

  • DannyBhoy123456 says:

    no drones?

  • Wargargble says:

    theres nothing better than using tp on a bs while shooting heavy missiles :i dude naw

  • QarraxZoi says:

    i seriously thought you were from japan because of the chat box lol

  • statnone says:

    Noobs you are missing the point, i dont cvare abut the crappy ships that has more dps . fine fit a raven do a lvl 4. however this baby will solo a lvl 5 WH thats 300-500 mill isk in 1h what lvl 4 gives you that take a raven to a class 2-or 3 and it will melt in 10 secs.

  • WhereTheyAre says:

    Why….why….. why you fuck the aesthetics of EVE by choosing this song? Also, whats the point in making a video on real fast forward mode? Slightly adjusting the speed is sometimes needed, but this shit is unwatchable.

  • Earthbound64 says:

    Well, I have a under 90 Million RAVEN with medium T2 skills, and did it INCLUDING salvage lower than 70 Minutes (without) bonus! Now you invested more than 500 MILLION for a shit ship + MORE skps i BET and all what you did was 44 Min? LOL

  • omn1dex says:

    Mission Tengu 1 — CNR 0

  • vortex675 says:

    heavy missiles are more of a pve type missile favorite while heavy assualt missle are pvp favorites.

  • lordofvampirefaith says:

    im soon going to be in a tengu, yet for the life of me lv 4′s evade me even in a raven.
    could you recomend a good fit for the tengu for missions?

  • dabsUk says:

    @katselphrime i think ull find that HAM’s have increased range on a correctly fitted tengu and does around 500-600 dps at 50km range.

  • cygod1 says:

    actually i know someone who did an angel extrav in 25 mins in a tengu

  • cygod1 says:

    how long it take you to do a lvl 4 in a tengu ?

  • RoTech100 says:

    Hey do you have any spare ISK? Could I have a some? :

  • FriutloopTom says:

    why are the shields falling below 95%…

  • jokergd says:

    looks like he’s using a medium shield booster II in the video, not even pithi B ssb, so thats cool

    BS can still do more dps than a tengu tho, at a fraction of the cost

  • ubberlord says:

    Nice vid. Whats your fitting?

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