EVE Online – mining tips

although hulkageddon is over, the goons are still keeping a bounty on all hulk kills so i try to give a few tips for mining when you’re a hunted pilot.

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  • delonewolf says:

    i understand new players can have a hard time, but remember high-sec is not meant to be safe. Concord is not the police, they are the mafia that only punishes in their turf :-) some things you can do are look for a low pop system on the map, join a large alliance, or do something else for a while. it’s survival of the fittest in EVE.

  • delonewolf says:

    that’s true, only small advantage is that it helps make sure i have a clear path to the station. I had forgotten the ship would always turn within the speedup time.

  • Chernobyl5741 says:

    Passive align does nothing for you. You take as long to warp when facing away from station as you do facing the station.

  • DreaMeRHoLic says:

    (2) the even more worst part are the suicide gankers. i also understand the faktor behind this. and i also know that CCP is happy about players taking money out of the ecconomy (saw the fanfest vid about it). but the fakt that you are in “a big city” and EVERYONE (even known criminals) can look into your procets without the police taking care of it…

    well thats not a save highsec at all. you want PvP? then go somewhere else! maybe thats eve. but i realy think that suicide gankers need a RL.

  • DreaMeRHoLic says:

    Well, I started Eve like 3 month ago. But i realy dislike the fakt that yellow people can come to highsec and kill people over and over. I understand that “this is eve” but it kills it for casual players. i talked 2 RL friends into eve and we where mining with 2 natitas and a retriver. 5mins later a red player warped in and killed us. till this moment they wanted a fullacc.

  • TheShipRigger says:

    Wish i had such a good PC,EVE looks so beautiful on your computer.but good video man.cheers

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