Eve Online : Massive Salvaging 8x with a Coercer

Eve Online : Massive Salvaging 8x with a Coercer Salvaging a Level 4 Mission. Gone Berserk vs. Equilibrium of Mankind Mission Brief. We have reports of terrorists wreaking havoc in this System… I did this mission in my paladin, marauder. In this particular mission all of the enemies spawn around you. I was able to kill them all without moving, and simply tractor beamed all of their wrecks into 1 small spot. Then I collected all of their loot into a jettisoned can. Switched to my destroyer with 8 salvagers. Dub’d “The Vacuum Cleaner” It didn’t take very long, then i switched to my industrial to bring in the loot. This setup is much faster than the traditional Tactics, I was accustomed to while looting a mission area. -Dasfry Check out my milltary tactics page www.squidoo.com www.eve-wiki.net

,New video www.youtube.com (some people might not be able to watch it) 1v1 dreadnought on sisi at bf1, some guys were watching. I took my time and frapsed it, my 256mb ram pc runned eve at 3 FPS while recording, lol well, we have daimyo katar n the phoenix always trying to kil me and my Moros, for some reason taht I don´t know why. ps: no camera move cuz of the lag, sorry. Also don´t forget to comment, you can throw stones and tomatoes.

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