Eve Online – Mass Testing on SISI

Gate camp stress test with 100s of players

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  • Rroff2 says:

    @Paintchk218 – Normally that would be the case – each different turret type has an optimal range it does damage at – this was just a big server stress test tho – everyone just jumped in and started blasting away after a couple of minutes it was lagging so hard it didn’t matter anyway.

  • Paintchk218 says:

    Nice Vid btw. Great sound quality. No shitty music like other vids have. It just ruins it.

  • Paintchk218 says:

    I don’t understand why that many ships pile up so close to one another? I thought there was a certain range for most ships to be at to cause damage. Or does it depend on the size of the ship? Help me out here.

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