EVE Online – Making the most out of a hi-jacked Orca & Myrmidon

Corp: Imperium Technologies Alliance: Sodalitas XX Recommendation: Watch in 720p (HD) for best quality. Kimsemus: (On Vent in reference to the Orca) “This is not up for debate. We are blowing this thing up.” An unprotected tower was found in Shastal (0.5) with an unmanned Orca & Myrmidon sitting about. Both were hi-jacked and moved to Thakala (0.4) where the Myrmidon was given to a corpie, and the Orca was insured, then stripped and destroyed for killmail. Unfortunately, blowing up ships in low-sec gives you a 15 min. aggression timer, and Larid found that out 3 times. XD

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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30 Responses to “EVE Online – Making the most out of a hi-jacked Orca & Myrmidon”

  • iamsuperpwnage says:

    rifta is sexy =)

  • siryork1 says:

    The larid guy sounds a bit like tom hanks, i approve

  • aziandelight13 says:

    Well, the funny thing is, we have several billionaires in corp, so money is not really an issue, lol. Which is why we can do stuff like this and not feel guilty about it. XD We stole the Myrmidon and gave it to a corpie that wanted it. We had a corpie that could fly an Orca get in it and fly it back to Thakala where he sat in it while we blew it up, lol. It was insured before we did though.

  • Abband0n says:

    To bad you can plant bombs on shit when you find it unmanned. Then when the dude logs on and trys to take control it blows him and ship up lmao.

    PS: the music track for the video was awesome.

  • Abband0n says:

    lol That was funny. Ohhh….your mates made you give it back to the guy instead of ransom it?? I was gonna say if you had made the guy give you the 15-20 mill you originally asked for Larid losses would have been negated mostly. And wasnt Larid like the one giving you the most grief for ransoming it???

    That would have been so epic if you had been like.. “So…Larid…..don’t you wish we had that 15-20 mill isk now???” LMAO. 

  • HagenTheHermit says:

    orbital strikes: nuke em from orbit its the only way to be sure

  • VolkenToviltova says:

    this lacks a lot specially on the bombardment thing lol i call that pinpoint strike but what ever.

    BRING BACK THE DREADS TO LEVEL SHIT UP so planetary defence mean something

  • ScootyPuffATL says:

    It might not be true. The flying spaghetti monster told me it was though. FSM doesn’t lie.

  • HeadSHOT604 says:

    PS3 is compatible with mouse and keyboard.

  • ecmpave says:

    then my physics teacher lied to me. as well as my textbook

  • feanor921 says:

    Message me if you would like a free 21 day trial and are planning on upgrading. Also, ill throw in 150mill isk. Message me and leave your email. thanks.

  • WINxTEC says:

    CCP is Icelandic.

  • ScootyPuffATL says:

    Popular myth. I’m pretty sure they still need a medium.

  • ecmpave says:

    I thought that em waves did not need a medium?

  • mithril001 says:

    mouse and keyboard compatible on PS3

  • ScootyPuffATL says:

    Actually, space is not a complete vacuum, although very close, light would not be able to travel.

  • jkhari97 says:

    i know that but ps3 make up for it by having god of war 3,uncharted 3,uncharted 2,killzone 3,ratchet and clank,starhawk,infamous 2,little big planet and more like alot more so do ya research next time dumbass

  • Baleur says:

    Selling a 360? Won’t happen, too many good games & indie titles.

  • Baleur says:

    Indeed, it’s a damn shame.
    And it’s a shame for CCP too, as much as i want to support them, buy this and see the EVE universe grow, i simply will not just throw out money for a PS3 that i’m not interested in besides Dust 514.

    It’s a dilemma. I want to support CCP in their ambitions, but i cant waste money on ANOTHER chunk of hardware ^_^
    WHY is this not on PC as well??

  • Ddanielmilton says:

    I knew CCP used a single universe, but I figured they released in Europe first, since its all the way across the pond and then later to handle a larger further away server play get the NA region in. But I guess the whole world is in the same pot.
    Thanks for the location of CCP btw

  • HeadSHOT604 says:

    The game doesn’t work that way there aren’t multiple servers it’s a Single-Shard Universe 1 server for all and no there isn’t any lag CCP. CCP is based in Iceland btw

  • Ddanielmilton says:

    I figured as much, but I read somewhere that it as supposed to release in March or April, but maybe that was in the UK, if I am correct CCP is a European company.

    But I am willing to wait, this game is going to be awesome!

  • HeadSHOT604 says:

    Well yah MGs in real life are like that, including the ones in BF3.

  • HeadSHOT604 says:

    It’s not instant release it’s F2P MMO so it’ll go Closed Beta then Open Beta, then released right after Open Beta. Open Beta likely to be late May or early June you’ll be able to play than.

  • jkhari97 says:

    you should consider selling it

  • Ddanielmilton says:

    yes ps3 exclusive, within the world of eve online on pc. Sorry 360 users, microsoft hates their loyal customers. Yay I have a ps3!

  • Ddanielmilton says:

    when is the damn release date for NA region!!! I wanna play sooo bad

  • Ddanielmilton says:

    actually the area he was in was kinda a midrange combat zone, enough space to leave for a sniper, but still the other guy was a noob, he ran in front of his teammates HMG, that is a death wish.

  • jkhari97 says:

    is this only on ps3?

  • benxmon12 says:


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