Eve Online – Making Combat Boosters

Myrmidon Expeditions Tutorial on Advanced Eve Online Concepts Gas Cloud Refining, Processing, and Booster Manufacturing. Steps 1 of 3: Synethic / Standard Booster Manufacturing. Myrmidon Expeditions Corporation of Eve Online Or our Public Channel: Myrmidon-Networks

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Here I explain how to get one game (Client) of Eve working on both screens if you’re running dual monitors. I was unsure how to do it at first, and couldn’t find any videos here on youtube showing exactly how its done. Hope it helps.

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  • DrKooBot says:

    thx for the video will definetly help me get my booster production set up going

  • EricMB22 says:

    tyvm, lol trying to find a t3 gas prod vid but this will do, helped alot

  • Dyinobal says:

    That was really interesting to watch. I’ve never done pos stuff, it’s hard to imagine doing this lol.

  • Metametheus says:

    The LADAR Sites in WH are almost always Polymer Gases, not Drug Gases. There is a slight chance of finding it, however there easier to find around Empire Systems then WH.

  • swedishatwar says:

    GAS cload can be found in WH!!! u find it MUCh easyer there then in hige sec and low sec and true sec.. SOo much easyer.

  • pancakeguru1990 says:

    Your friend is awesome


    after you change the size of the screen you can set it to fixed window and it will stay the same size

  • OpticNervs says:

    You’re so awsome!!! thnx man.

  • goldridder says:

    “If you can’t get your client running on dual monitors after watching this, well.. You’re screwed.”

    Like if you laughed!

    Dislike if you are one of the screwed few and I’ll give you a hand lol.

    Bro, great tutorial.

  • Azander137 says:

    @MinecraftersAhoy84 Thats more less how I play. I keep my main monitor pretty much just for the game, and the one on the side I’ll just keep all my trade windows and chats in. Helps to keep things organized I guess

  • MrEarling says:

    “Your Probably Screwed..” A thinking persons game, enough said.

  • adsy2006 says:

    you have been able to arrange targets vertically for 2 years

  • FreakinLaserBeams says:

    at first i thought, people do this all the time with two accounts, nothing special. But you know, this is a sweet setup. i didn’t know you could off set your camera like that to free up so much space. wish my pc could handle two monitors to handle this. nice vid

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