EvE Online – Lvl. 3 Mission incl. Salvaging

Me, as an EvE-Newb, playing EvE online after 1 1/2 Months. That Game maks a lot of Fun… and frustration. But. I like this. Its – in some ways – realistic and hard. If you dont learn the game, dont follow the tutorials and not asking questions in the help-channels, it will fu** you down to hell! … or make you just depressing. In This Video I’m flying a nice fittet Myrmidon (Shipclass Battlecruiser) in a Level 3 Mission. Fighting against some NPC-Enemys in high-sec. My Fit is based on a active Armor Tank with Drones. The real damage are making my Drones on the Enemys. My Weapons on the ship are just for deflection. After the fight I’ve looted and salvaged the wrrecks with my destroyer catalyst.

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  • Zeeeeeek says:

    damn, cant remember… im not playing eve anymore.
    but i think, i used…
    - 4 armor hardener. 2 of them with thermic and the other kinetic. u can be flexible with this hardener, depend to, what sort of enemy you get and what damage they do.
    - 2 medium armor repairer thing whatever lol… I forgot.
    - 4 energy whatever
    - 6 medium Turrets
    - armor rigs or energy rigs… dont remember.
    and everything meta lvl 4

  • slakr2386 says:

    Can you put your fittings for this ship if you wouldn’t mind.

  • sayinwolf says:

    And not a single fuck was given by your armor lol

  • Triple6Games says:

    sieht gut aus
    #thumbs up

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