EVE Online Loki Kill

A 1 man corp decced us to grief, but fell into our trap. And yes, I’m a noob when it comes to pvp.

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10 Responses to “EVE Online Loki Kill”

  • mrzisme says:


    Actually looking at the killboards, it appears he killed your drake the first day of the war. Then the next day he got a retriever, crucifier and pod before this took place.

  • liberty211662 says:

    @gamledamle Well now u made me look like an ass for no reason hahah but yea thats his own stupidness then if hes gonna war dec a corp with just him, in a t3 not watching local.

  • Soulxlight says:

    Wow took you guys long enough. I’d like a side of more dps ??

  • sticklebrick2003 says:


    It was not me saying rape him, Im a Scot, The accent you heard was Estonian…. that would be haplo…

  • gamledamle says:


    He is a 1 man corp :P He decided to Dec us, to grief us. We decided to show him that wasnt a good idea.

  • liberty211662 says:

    Ugh i just lost my t3 recently and when i watch this i find this heavily pathetic.Atleast give him a chance hes already out numbered then jam him ugh people have to travel in large groups to get kills.

  • CheckYerHUD says:

    Darn i missed that…
    i lolled @ ” rape him , rape him, get him a new asshole ” was that Pleco?
    *the Tuna has spoken*

  • rooloo0 says:

    rofl at the fact of first day of war kill congratz ddcs we has done well again

  • BatanenWolf says:

    Yeah, this is my first trip with the falcon and I’m still very new at ECM. Your comment made me do some more reading on how to be more efficient with the jams, thanks. :)

  • killer139139139 says:

    Sorry all i can say is 1) Nice kill 2) Fail falcon pilot keeping all ecm mods going not best

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