Eve Online: Lightning Industries tests out their Triage carrier in a sleeper site

Lightning Industries running class 5/6 anomalies in various systems using a few very well fitted battleships/t3 cruisers. To all the people running these anomalies with a group similar to ours, we tip our hats.. it took a great deal of patients to get our setups just right. PVE has never been so fun, and I can’t wait for class 7 wormholes or even better sleeper AI.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • grengor89 says:


  • Soothfish says:

    capital ships on sleepers? Doesn’t get much more epic than that ;p

  • Err0r92 says:

    “. 2 capital reps become 4″ wrong. 2 cap reps – 50% Duration +100% amount of Rep = 8 cap reps :)

  • mrlaird says:

    i need to know this song

  • Vrenth says:

    to spawn additional sleepers for free money. We only use 1 for logistics. My carrier skills are perfect, so we used the thanatos..

  • shgjlsfg says:

    chimeria on feild at 1:32 and at 1:24 and at 1:50 XD

  • Vrenth says:

    learn your game before you go smack talking me. You can’t unfit modules on your own ship with your corp hanger, you have to have another carrier in the field. I’m not gonna waste time warping all the way back to the pos… Think before you type.

  • shgjlsfg says:

    then put them in your cap logi hanger or someting…. your making a video!

  • Vrenth says:

    it made us money faster, so who’s laughing. I was only in triage for one cycle per site. The rest of the time I was logistics/dps. Read before you post.

  • shgjlsfg says:

    lol dcus on a triage carrier!

  • Vrenth says:

    See reply post to understand why this comment is dumb.

  • Vrenth says:

    @moomoocole @hincapiej4 Indeed, we did this for 6 months and made well over 100 billion isk. before the sleeper market crashed and we left. I must be an idiot :)

    The reason we used drone control modules is because we make more money by shaving every second we can off of the sites. We only used one cycle of triage per site, meaning once that was up, I needed to have damage output to match our monster battleship setups. Drone control units… pretty “idiotic” right?

  • Tearnofear says:

    did i see a shield tanked thanatos? o.0

  • Matto146 says:

    = death to sleapers

  • viciokas1993 says:

    I cant even imagine what would happen to sleepers if ud get 5 assault frigs purely for webbing and then get bomber fighters on those bastards :D

  • skinchen says:

    lol kickass :P

  • alphawolf29 says:

    Thanatos actually has a pretty decent shield tank, though its armor tank is a bit better; its like the nag, it can do both.

  • hincapiej4 says:

    thats what happens when idiots fly carriers

  • moomoocole says:

    not bad, but whats with the drone control modules on the carrier if it cant deploy and in triage.

  • AsianManZan says:

    sorry thats just what i asked a director in my corp.. so blame him for the false info and blame me for posting it :P Great vid, subscribed, 5 starred and favorited too :)

  • Vrenth says:

    You should probebly know what your talking about before you post. XD

    And the anomalies your seeing are in various class 6 wormholes.

  • Jibes says:

    I’m interested in the fittings, too. What does that shieldtank look like? :o

  • CrazyForCooCooPuffs says:

    these commentators are so bad lol. like a ship is getting neuted goes half into armor….and there talking about random shit and they FINNALY notice, “oh the drake is taking damage” yea 2 min ago jackass

  • alexgerst93 says:

    Lazarus, thank you for having a brain and being a good caster.

  • firenight02 says:

    finally..rote use some bloody brain power and figure out they should damp the logi deeeerrrrrrr

  • EdibleOutdoors says:


  • palidan99 says:

    “That poster there on the back of your door, it’s quite an elegant poster <3 <3 <3″

  • HachiZenki says:

    Hmm, lots of Merlins, some Drakes but no Tengus yet?

  • Slothen3 says:


  • mrzisme says:

    Nothing wrong with Bolton, he had me cracking up a few times. If these were the finals, I’d have a different opinion, so the easy going nature of him doesn’t bug me at all here. Keeps it fun.

  • dikkeroege says:

    Getting kind of tired with all these nullsec faggots giving their PL/CFC “brosefs” a shoutout during the broadcasts. We get it. You have blues. You like blobs.

  • Reporter40 says:

    WTF Shadoo worship? Fuck off. He’s not here. There’s a reason for that. Stick with the program. Man what a suck up.

  • LainPiero says:

    EVE best game ever. But the casting is really really bad. No offence against these guys as I could not do it better. Look at star craft 2 casters for example. These commentators actually will make you watch some games even thou I dont play SC 2 at all. They are great!

  • Terence Minto says:

    great fight FA well done

  • witchking101010 says:

    Best fight of the tourny so far.

  • DaniRockandFire says:

    UGH why is michael bolton being invited to these things!!

  • GoschnGrippl says:

    That Michael Bolton guy is annoying. Someone please remove him

  • EveSwayzz says:

    why drakes soo many other options… and u go drakes >.<

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