EvE Online: Lets Grief a Corporation

HATERS GUNNA HATE. I was bored, eat me. it has happened to everyone, and happens to everyone, and lots of people have had a shot at doing it themselves.

Video Rating: 2 / 5

6 Responses to “EvE Online: Lets Grief a Corporation”

  • MannyKunV says:

    i approve of this

  • SBFloppie says:

    I find spying to be immensely satisfying. I’ve only infiltrated once so far and it was a blast. I plan to do it again. Sometimes part of infiltration is killing your new corpmates at the proper time.

  • SerionMe says:

    I’ve always gotten off on team-killing occasionally. Doesn’t matter what game it is. Being a Dick is fun sometimes. 

  • margar1231 says:

    wow u need practice killing stuff :) ive never gotten off on killing blues or corp thieving/ganking etc. Fighting is the only pure fun in eve, you should try it ^^ or perhaps when ur chars mature u can do something worth ur time like awoxing moms etc.

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  • Skellingtor says:


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