EVE-Online – Legion of xXDEATHXx – Крещение Огнем

Battles in some solar systems with Nothern Coalition Eve Online Legion of xXDEATHXx + Red Alliance + White Noise. versus MM+Razor+other invalids

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8 Responses to “EVE-Online – Legion of xXDEATHXx – Крещение Огнем”

  • MrPuppetmaster83 says:

    я че не понял, ето че рельсо Бидон? 0_о

  • geforce5591 says:

    U should remove some of the effects. It should also help.

  • geforce5591 says:

    @RagingHeavens I kinda thought that out myself. I was in a fleet last night and it was terrible. It was far worse than it is in ur video but it was due to my hardware.

  • RagingHeavens says:

    There’s only one explanation.
    the reason he flies abaddon is massive tank. the pulse/beam guns just dry the cap out, so it just doesn’t work for massive prolonged combat. Rails, on the other hand, with good skills, will still do decent damage, which in large fleets really won’t matter – 500dps or 450…the lagg is too huge and if u manage to shoot, the target is probably dead.
    abaddon can carry 15 cap boosters in cargo + 5 in the injector, and that would last for max 20m or so..

  • geforce5591 says:

    lol, am i seeing well tonight? what is a railgun doing on an abby?

  • wowidontgetit says:

    @bubbadodge07 i wana puke

  • Ariestring says:


  • bubbadodge07 says:

    railgun fit abba?

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