EVE Online – Late Night & Iron Oxide vs Noir. Mercenary Group

After a rather slow Friday night, Heretic Nation decide to try and pop some of our tier 3 battlecruisers, relaying heavily on ECM, as we shot at AAA POCOs in our home system. We quickly scrambled around the system and brought the fight to a stargate; sending half half of them home in a pile of scrap metal. Trading a typhoon killmail for a few recon ship and battlecruiser killmails. Battlereport: autoz.eve-kill.net Then today we camped some high sec Amarr war targets, hoping to own some carebears. A few ganks later, an Amarr Hurricane baited our shield Battlecruiser fleet to a station, we 2 Amarr carriers undocked to repair their cane. Pulling, range most made it out alive. Battlereport: autoz.eve-kill.net Things had settled down, when an alliance member reported a growing number of neutral battleship, forming up on one of the war zone’s high sec gates. Our semi-afk fleet put a call to arms, and our 10 man roam, turned into a heavy armored 25 man gang. The neutrals began jumping gate, and then began poking further into our systems. We all undocked, followed them 2 jumps off and kicked off the fight with a flashy Abaddon. Unfortunately, our cyno pilot had been out of place, and we lost an Abaddon and Typhoon Fleet Issue, before we were able to jump in 2 carriers and 1 dreadnaught, to match their 4 carriers. Ultimately and awesome fight, and thanks to Noir. for bringing the fight. Battlereport: autoz.eve-kill.net VOTE HANS JAGERBLITZEN FOR CSM7 Music Credit: “Fabrication

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