EVE Online – Jita Burn

Jita is burning, i wish more than 2000 people could be there! music: we are EVE by alienhand (www.alienhand.dk)

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  • delonewolf says:

    eve or eve online is the most massive and complex game out there at the moment with hundreds of thousends of players in a single universe interacting and playing together.

  • trin kun says:

    what’s eve?

  • DirtyEnglish89 says:

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  • pixelsafoison says:

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    Free 21 day extended trial invite =D

  • nickolaj00 says:

    I’m running a new player friendly corporation focused on PvP. If anyone is interested in trying out the the game is there a 21 days trial key here: (Remove the space between c o m)

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  • CinemaReapers says:

    Hey Guys, Just would Like to Shout out that I Will be making EVE Vids in 2Weeks be Sure to chack out my channel. o7 ~ROFLVader

  • knickknock4 says:

    jita has to one of the busiest trading centers in eve, also one of the most chaotic, its good fun to go there if youre itching to fight but its a logistical nightmare for non-combatant ships like freighters, but its always great to visit

  • knickknock4 says:

    jita is the main market front for its cluster, it has the best stocks of whatever you’ll need and the best prices for them, but the 0.0 chokepoint territories on the way there is the home of pirates and such so its best to have an escort or a scout ahead of you to clear the gates and to set up retreat positions in those systems for later, its often also the staging ground for different wars nearby, and many events that take place there, dont ever run plex to jita for your own sake

  • X7ELI7X says:

    I just started eve. Played it for one or 2 months, broke it off for about 3 months, and just bought 1 year membership. I will totally infiltrate if you will do it with me. I am one for doing epic things in sandbox games. :)

  • congarythem says:


  • 4emperor4 says:

    dang nice video and even better sound

    waste i couldnt be there when it happened

  • bobmcbob49 says:

    what yoymebk said; and what better time to start something like that off than when Dust 514 joins Eve? Even if you’re prepared for it, who knows how that’ll affect the eve universe.

  • Str8Murder says:

    And jesus everyone knows the Goons are assholes but so what? There’s a lot of assholes in eve. No one’s invincible, not even they. If you’ve got beef with them, go fight them. Make a corp to compete or join one that’s competing with them. Or join Goonswarm with the intention of tearing it apart from within. It happened to BoB, it can happen to them. Whatever. Just stop bitchin’ about it.

  • Str8Murder says:

    It’s like if you mixed Wallstreet with Somalia. Lots of money. Lots of trading. Lots of pirates and warefare. It’s never never dull.

  • Chewaify says:


  • nakfx134 says:

    oo awesome thank you. I just started playing and was interested in the trading!

  • StillAlive160 says:


  • delonewolf says:

    all the market action, it’s the wallstreet of eve. large pvp battles are in 0.0.

  • nakfx134 says:

    is jita where all the action takes place? I hear a lot about it

  • Waiting4thaWroms says:

    Yes, it was answered with the release of the Crucible Expansion, which apparently contained allot of what the players wanted.

  • keaugoir says:

    So how did this end? I mean, all the protest thing, did it do any good?

  • Communist2012 says:

    you would think that the largest trading hub in the universe would have the most l33t security wouldn’t you … ?

    Is Jita a 1.0 sec status system ?

  • Gezoes says:

    Haha, viva la Revolution! :-)

  • timboy963 says:

    except they dont really. the game is still really static nothing new has really happened jita burn was just to cause prices to rise and then the goons profited and people lost a lot of isk while the goons made even more this did nothing to shake up the game

  • monstanator says:

    Interested in starting Eve online? Then send me a message with your e-mail and get a free 21-day free trial!

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