Eve-Online: Ion Siege Blaster Test

Cap Blaster Weapon Test.

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  • Dhashizhi says:

    This is the worst song I’ve ever heard.* You can’t seen sings, Bro.

  • LethalLithiumLi says:

    +1 for brains… wait…

  • morbidifybeast says:


  • hppybob says:

    Now imagine each of those shots destroying an entire mercenary team…win!

  • wannos27 says:

    the best carrier fit ive ever had a lot of fun with was a thannatos fitted with point and web and 3 energy neuts and launching 10 firbolgs. with a buffer tank.. i took out around 18 ships in one sitting all t2 ships mainly consisting of hacs.. they deployed a bubble on a station lol in the entempt to get some easy kills but i popped out in my thanny instead lol and wiped the floor with them, they was stuck in their own bubble hahahah. point and web thanny ftw!!!!

  • wannos27 says:

    yep thats the old effect

  • Averyfane says:

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  • eadlie24 says:

    music is nigger shit

  • RoTech100 says:

    Wait is this video have the old the old blaster effect.

  • RoTech100 says:

    Hey could someone lend me the skills to get a moros :S

  • UnknownRex says:

    its horrible. :(

  • silveger says:

    POS shields.

  • muslimhunterFTW says:

    Old blaster animation = SO MUCH BETTER

  • Dagg215 says:

    What are those huge bubbles?? I saw one out in the middle of nowhere, and I had no idea what it was. :I

  • kurisu925 says:

    Yes they can hit a battle ship. Weapons in eve are balanced to be able to easily hit ships larger then your own, moderately hit ships equal in size, and be difficult to hit ships smaller then yours. Since battle ships are really not that much smaller then a dred they are just kinda difficult to hit. But if it was any thing much smaller then a battle ship it takes an act of cyborg jesus to strike your target. P.S. Cyborg jesus is equipped with a stasis web and a target painter.

  • JamaicanMan18 says:

    youd be suprised just how easily these dreadnoughts can hit you though… and when they do theyre mean. i fought a revelation in my thron on the test server one day and i was moving pretty good and he was still hitting me

  • flounder2760 says:

    yeah to be honest i always imagine dblasters to kinda was over ships as they hit yu know kinda halo plasma style >,<

  • kurisu925 says:

    The signature resolution on those guns is 1000. The signature radius of a typical battle ship is 400. This means a 40% chance to hit on a battle ship that is not even moving. But then again they arent really meant to shoot at any thing smaller than a pos or another capitol ship.

  • kurisu925 says:

    To which services are you reffering?

  • Naishalune says:

    This kind of music SUCKS!!

  • OOZ662 says:

    I’ve always wished that they’d give weapons other than the missiles some sort of hit effect. Missiles make huge blast rings, other weapons just kinda “absorb” into the ship.

  • dannya51 says:

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  • Helge129 says:

    @bluenova123: And at least 20 rapiers TP’ing it.

  • thomaslarssomn says:

    they are not lasers, they are blasters

  • Nomoreusernames113 says:

    The Launchers suck shit. Still. The Naglfar got bonuses for capital launchers, which is essentially a nerf.
    Not essentially, actually.
    It IS a nerf.

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