EVE Online – Inferno Teaser Trailer

A cinematic trailer to mark the arrival of the 17th free expansion to CCP’s MMO. Head over to IGN for more EVE Online: www.ign.com Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: www.youtube.com

Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “EVE Online – Inferno Teaser Trailer”

  • 1968AirF says:

    Гылол, cool condensation traces in vacuum )))

  • RonFerri says:

    Guys if anyone needs a 21-day free invite to EVE Online let me know, send me a message with your email address on YouTube or on my channel wall and you will get one right away.

  • MegaNickmonster says:

    stab stab stabby stab stab stab

  • abohac says:

    Is the moral of the trailer that the Caldari are still op and Gallente suck?

  • Stataze says:

    Mail me and I will invite you, This gives you a 21day free trial rather that 14days and I will give you 17% of the plex sale (I get a reward) as seed money to start off with.

  • TheShaggy100 says:

    Cool musicl… want it lol

  • nickolaj00 says:

    I’m running a new player friendly corporation focused on PvP. If anyone is interested in trying out the the game is there a 21 days trial key here: (Remove the space between c o m in the url)

    secure.eveonline.c o m/trial/?invc=828a5495-1725-4a­8b-8ba1-38455f01311f&action=bu­ddy)

  • pixelsafoison says:

    Free 21 days EvE Online extended trial =D, private-message me your email address and i’ll have the invite sent ASAP =p

  • Vinicam16 says:

    Well i don’t know about the universe, but Jita already Burned !!

    Fly Safe Capsuleers 07

  • abovestand says:

    And if the price is right I’ll set the universe on fire.

  • TenchuuKhan says:

    I love that voice

  • R3troguy says:

    eyjafjallajokull in space

  • Nicholas Papadimitriou says:

    If the price is right…I’ll set the universe on fire

  • xxGODxOFxWAR says:

    CCP knows how to make a good trailer. Granted they do have some of the most epic source material and pvp battles in gaming but still, good job:)

  • monstanator says:

    Interested in starting Eve online? Then send me a message with your e-mail and get a free 21-day free trial!

  • TheVoiceOfReason93 says:


  • Vroktar2009 says:

    If you have the time to dedicate to this game it is bar none the most realistic, and brutal MMORPG ever created. However this is not a game you simply pick up and are off and running with a carrier as soon as you boot up the game. Its complexity is second to none, and it requires a higher IQ then the average gamer plugging away at WoW has. However, that being said once you have figured it out this game is simply the best.

  • Max Meinicke says:

    For free 21 days of eve online, just msg me :)

  • alex leachman says:

    Go here if you like to talk about Eve Online.
    tinychat.com/ alexleachman1

    No Spaces.

  • Alexander Garcia says:

    i can recruit! msg me

  • ArchAngelThomas says:

    Yes. It is. But keep in mind, it’s EXTREMELY in depth, there is no learing curve, only a learning cliff.

    Anyone can get a free 2 week trial, but I suggest you contact a current player and have them ‘recruit’ you for a free 3 week trial. Many people are willing to do this because if the person you recruit starts subscribing the recruiter gets a free PLEX (30 days of gameplay) If you don’t know anyone who plays, message me here on youtube and I can get you the 3 week trial.

  • gmodfreak09 says:

    Question: Is this game worth the price, been looking pretty good so far.

  • ShiboSoDope says:

    I can get you a 30 day free trial plus 250million isk to start off with. PM me if you want the offer.

  • MrGreenNorris says:

    Send me a message for 21 day trial in eve and ill give you 200mil if you upgrade. And I can help you earn 500mil a month with only being a week old. No joke just message me.

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