(Eve Online) Industry tutorial part 3 [Ships]

Part 3, I wasn’t feeling good during this recording, that explains the pauses. This is completely unscripted. I missed a ship and will be covering that in a separate video, I don’t use them so it slipped my mind.

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6 Responses to “(Eve Online) Industry tutorial part 3 [Ships]”

  • kontolys says:

    @IMMORTALMERCENARIE c3??? Dang, the loot from the sites must be amazing, not to mention the gas and amount of rare ore :O Have fun ;) Fly safe.


    Ill be driving the hulk here in 4 hours we control a c3 worm talk about a mega amazing place to strip of all materials

  • kontolys says:

    @boydde3de Thanks :)
    I hope you learn a lot

  • boydde3de says:

    Very good videos :D
    got a retriever already with tech 2 strip miners.
    lets see what else I learn from your tutorials

  • kontolys says:

    @Thebeertruckdriver Don’t worry, I feel much better now and so does my computer now that I updated everything and stopped shoving massive FRAPS files into its small drive :/

  • Thebeertruckdriver says:

    i c your PC wasn’t feeling very well too :) hope u both get better soon.

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