(Eve Online) Industry tutorial part 1 [Ships]

To those who want to do industrial work. This is completely unscripted by the way

I talk about the Capitol Industrial ships, there uses and how dangerous they are to fly and purchase. I ran out of memory, my voice starts to skip but you can make out what I’m saying. My external harddrive has arrived and this shouldn’t happen again.

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  • kontolys says:

    @xCharlieConwayx Didn’t have to time rehearse at anytime thanks to school, and I wanted to get this started before I put it off any longer :/. And I had no choice on the render type, could only record in 1080p and if I didn’t render in that well…. weird things happen.

  • xCharlieConwayx says:

    Nice video glad I could watch it in 720. A few things, write down what your going to say in dot point and rehearse it and try to only brush over a few ships. Thumbs up otherwise.

  • knurlykneed says:

    I’m trying to fruck up the business of can flipping, therefore you mine the good stuff for yourself and jettison only regular cans with junk in them, such as 1 unit of Veldspar. You want rat flippers to open them to discover their shit. If enough people do this, can flippers can bet on flipping junk cans at some point. There really is only one solution: never jettison to feed the rats, but profits take more time.

  • kontolys says:

    @zanderxlane1 Ummmm… lol? Look at the description, this is for people who WANT to do mining and other industrious ventures, that doesn’t mean they can’t do other things like run missions or pvp. Pvp corps aren’t always the best, some are full of jackasses who will rob you of all your isk, ships, assets, and fun, you actually run this risk in all kinds of corps, but pvp corps especially. And if you have fun mining then your not wasting your time, if your pvping and not having fun then you are.

  • zanderxlane1 says:

    lololol i love to kill noobs just like you guys that are new to this game look i used to do all this crap its not the way to go do your missions train for better ships find a nice corp pvp corps are mostly the best and have great players and you get to pvp and make noobs like this guy your play toy so i say again dont do as this fag says your only wasting your time and money. Just cause your new to the game dose not mean any thing you can kill people in a frig trust me i do it every day.

  • Surgeification says:

    if anybody would like to join my corp in eve online please send me an email i will send you a free 21 day trail, take you onboard, learn yu the ways of eve and guide you to greatness. i already have 6 new members this week

  • kontolys says:

    @StealerReaper I don’t mind helping people start off but don’t advertise/spam in my videos, afraid I gotta remove your comment.

  • MyGhora says:

    stop fkin repeating yourself. ><

  • Danielshark10 says:

    @kontolys Is it supposed to close when the Incursion thing pops up?

  • Danielshark10 says:

    @kontolys I finnally finished downloading it wanna play with me?

  • Danielshark10 says:

    Anything else?

  • kontolys says:

    @Danielshark10 When you finish the download, make an account, make a character and enter Eve your character will be in an NPC rookie corp. There are a lot of other people in it and many of them like to help newbies. When you start piloting and doing missions and you start getting questions that the AURA tutorials can’t answer then ask them.

  • Danielshark10 says:

    So i haven’t finished the download yet so i dont have a Corporation

  • Danielshark10 says:

    I’ve done Eve before but since it has such a large learning curve i never really got hooked on it but i’m trying it again

  • kontolys says:

    @Danielshark10 Mhh… some tips… well your looking at videos, that’s an excellent start, don’t be afraid to ask questions in the corp your character starts in, there are people in there who have played the game for years and know a lot. Do the tutorials, not only the agent tutorial but also the AURA tutorials. Build your cash up some before you buy expensive ships and always have insurance. And make sure your always training a skill. Hope these help :)

  • Danielshark10 says:

    I’m kind of new to this game any early tips i should do?

  • kontolys says:

    @dirlok Thank you :)
    I forgot to do my usual mic checks before this video, I apologize if I blew an eardrum :/

  • dirlok says:

    nice video, great information.

    One thing I will say, your mic sounds muffled and quite loud. Other than that, great stuff, please keep them coming.

  • Diertstarr says:

    I think you should actually fly one before doing a review, or whatever that was. =

  • DiamondChrome42 says:

    the life of a miner is always the life of a new player no matter what career you end up in, in the end whether becoming a mission runner/pvp/pirating you eventually have to give it up and have to mine at some point or another when all other income dries up, so better to get that retriever as the first expensive ship you skill for

  • kontolys says:

    @gj75845 Will do =)

  • gj75845 says:

    @kontolys He he :-D no biggie ^^i liked the videos, there are very few of these kinds cause well.. industrial isnt the most interesting part of eve. But trust me, many ppl have no idea how it works, so keep it up :-)

  • kontolys says:

    @gj75845 Ya, as soon as I was done recording (by that I mean 4 hours later) I blurted that out… kinda embarrassing since it was in the middle of dinner : /

  • gj75845 says:

    M3 = Cubic Meters :-)

  • kontolys says:

    @5000g Thanks for the correction, I haven’t flown one so I just went with my gut… it wasn’t thinking straight.

  • 5000g says:

    you’re incorrect about the rorqual not docking because indeed it can dock at stations in low and null sec.

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