EVE Online Incursion – Maller battle cruiser- battle mission

Featuring the Maller Cruiser in the game EVE Online. This is suposed to be HD widescreen, but saved the video accidently in the wrong format.

Video Rating: 3 / 5

Featuring the Punisher Amarr Frigate.

15 Responses to “EVE Online Incursion – Maller battle cruiser- battle mission”

  • MetalliacFeather says:

    wow…. just wow as bad as my fit when i first started LOL

  • AJUKking says:

    this game looks VERY complicated due to the HUD xD

  • Chris9183 says:

    I know it’s just a game and all…but at least take some advice and play the game correctly, you might find it more enjoyable…and when you move up to more challenging missions (level 3s and 4s) you absolutely cannot use a fit like that. You’ll lose your ship every time. Take a look at battleclinic loadouts for some recommended mission fittings. That fitting is absolutely horrible, and you could have completed the mission 3x faster if you had a properly loaded-out ship.

  • Xideinis says:

    If you ever need advice on fittings or anything…. look me up. Same name as here…

  • Epicgamerz5150 says:

    @ItsFlew709 Sure, I’ll join ^_^

  • ItsFlew709 says:

    @Epicgamerz5150 You can join my brand new corp, you’ll be the first >_<

  • Epicgamerz5150 says:

    hey guys im new to to the game im the 2nd faction from the left for got the name but wondering if anyone can fit a noob in the clan

  • ItsFlew709 says:

    @Cubertron jeez man, it’s just a game. I won the battle, the end.

  • Cubertron says:

    This is the worst fit I have ever seen!

    Lasers need to be grouped. Do not use the Matar guns on Amar ships (you don’t get bonuses). These frigates must poofff after one volley.

    DO NOT armor tank and shield tank at the same time, focus! Amar ships are usually better with armor tanking.

    You are doing mission in the Empire, why do you use “warp stab”? (they put them only on transporters with valuable cargo)

  • ItsFlew709 says:

    @dzodzer Yeah I am a bit uber powered here for a lvl1 mission :) Maller and the advanced version are great cruisers.

  • dzodzer says:

    Awesome fit bud.

  • AlphaMale373 says:

    umm did he warp through that planet?

  • mrzisme says:

    3 out of 4 of your low slots were offline you retard!

    Why are you fit for shield tanking and armor tanking?
    its a punisher with armor resist bonuses, take off the shield booster and change for an afterburner so you take less damage while moving faster, and online your armor repper, change plate for mission specific hardener, change warp scrambler for a web so you kill things faster, thank me later.

  • ItsFlew709 says:

    @skeligandrew NP :)

  • skeligandrew says:

    Thanks for the upload!

    Just what I was looking for :)

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