EVE Online – Incursion Login Screen Theme (&Pics)

The newest EVE online expansions login screen music. Maybe it’s a bit silent but I like it. :) I wiss Merry Christmas and Happy new Year for all EVE player. “May the PLEX be with you” :)

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EVE-Online | SISI:Mass Incursion Testing part 2 At (0:22) CCP Tanis was disclosing some general intel about Incursions. Ship I was using in this video is the Amarrian Logistics Class shiped called “Guardian”. ——— Watch Live Stream at www.ellatha.com Want to try out EVE-Online? Visit secure.eve-online.com to get started using my affiliate link!

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25 Responses to “EVE Online – Incursion Login Screen Theme (&Pics)”

  • CueCappa says:

    @CueCappa *lose something here

  • CueCappa says:

    @ertyqwer i dunno about him but what i find fun is the huge possibilities and compared to other MMOs you can spend in-game money instead of the real life money to keep paying for the subscription, (takes a lot less to earn it in-game than in real life, a lot less time, a lot less trouble :D ) also when you lose here you actually lose it, when you die in wow or sto you just respawn which is kind of lame. so i think eve is good to prepare people under 25 for real life before serious business starts

  • SibSpi says:

    @kelb89 Empire building and player versus player combat. Unlike most MMOs if you die in this game you lose the ship you were in as well as most of its modules; the other modules then drop to a container (kind of like your corpse) for people to loot, afterward.

  • ertyqwer says:

    @ytnik009 “yes” to what? I’m not “running flame wars”, I asked what a man with such high IQ finds so exciting about the game. I still haven’t received a reply.

    Typing up a comment doesn’t take that much time, compared to living in a virtual world. But I suppose it was somewhat silly to hope for a constructive conversation here.

  • ytnik009 says:

    @ertyqwer yes… you are spending your valuable time by running flame wars on a Youtube clip about the game you don’t find exciting… Now THAT’s well spent time :D

  • maceron4444 says:

    I just started playing this game a few days ago and I had no idea how huge the map was lol

  • kallanr360 says:

    @kelb89 what ever you want you can mine pvp or join a corp and try to take the galaxy.

  • eduardvictor says:

    @ertyqwer If you are retarded enough to think that I will take your trollbait, you are wrong.


  • ertyqwer says:

    Oh, sorry, I must have realized you can’t process so many letters at once. Hope you didn’t hurt your brain trying.

    Anyways, I’ll leave you to “your” game. So long as it saves me from seeing your kind in my life, it’s all good.

  • eduardvictor says:

    @ertyqwer tl;dr.

    Wall o’ text.

  • ertyqwer says:

    I don’t find it fun that I need to spend a week farming in-game money every time I lose a worthwhile ship in a shitty 1v10 fight (which is 90% of fights you will get into because other people don’t like losing ships either). And since I don’t have as much time to spend on it as some nerds with no life do, and I can’t schedule my real life around the virtual bullshit, my only option to stay competitive is to buy in-game money for real-life currency. Which just makes the game boring in another way

  • ertyqwer says:

    @eduardvictor It’s actually the other way around. If I were a fat lazy ass fuck living off social support, I’d have all the time in the world to achieve virtual goals for a virtual character in a virtual universe ran by a company that’s slowly going under. But I’m not, so I have limited free time and need to choose carefully what I spend it on. And I just don’t see what’s so exciting about Eve that would make it a better way to spend my time than other alternatives I have.

  • ertyqwer says:

    @eduardvictor What’s ironic is that you keep saying Eve is so awesome yet can’t say what exactly is so awesome about it. And that, for a guy with supposedly high IQ, you aren’t even particularly creative in your insult attempts.

  • eduardvictor says:

    Oh, and a guy that finds EVE ONLINE boring is calling ME an idiot.

    Fucking ironic, isn’t it?


  • eduardvictor says:

    @ertyqwer Also, Petursson is not the CEO anymore.

    Lazy ass with no future!

  • eduardvictor says:

    @ertyqwer Seven years, bitch, and I don’t plan to stop until the servers shut down…
    Just because your inferior intellect and need for instant gratification (because your life probably sucks ass and all you do is get social support) finds this game boring, doesn’t mean that this slower, more complex game is bad OR boring, it just means that you are too fucking dumb to play it and set goals for your character and have fun.
    You are probably some fat lazy fuck that that lives off social support.

  • ertyqwer says:

    @eduardvictor Are you Hilmar Petursson? Or just another idiot that overestimates both his IQ and importance?

    What do you find so fun about “your” game anyways, and how long have you played?

  • GamingWithDaOpa says:

    @R4Akai Thanks – If you have any event, fleet or whatever and want a “LIVE Broadcast” & Video recording, contact me ingame @ Channel ‘DaOpa”

  • eduardvictor says:

    @ertyqwer Only if your are an idiot with an average IQ

    Stay out of my game.

  • Novalight2550 says:

    heh, the chanting in the background is a bit unnerving.

  • Skittnator says:

    is it bad that i want to just join sansha and recall EVE – “Sansha”?

  • ertyqwer says:

    @kelb89 the point is the game is to have no fun and ruin fun for anyone who manages to get any.

  • R4Akai says:

    great quality. +1

  • CynosuralTheory says:

    LOL the sansha joke… are they on windows 98 or mac?

  • GamingWithDaOpa says:

    @kelb89 It is a space MMO – Sandbox type of gameplay – tons of options… try the game out .. theres a link in the description!

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