Eve Online – Incursion Fleet Battle – VisionCloud

Incursion Fleet Battle on 3-14-2011 10.05.28 PM MST

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  • Fredwreck04 says:

    Wow man ever thought about making tabs for your overview? Looks like a massive clusterfuck….

  • VisioCloud says:

    @theantiredneck No, the game is beautifully smooth for me. I just lower the Recording Software’s FPS so that I can run a 150 + feet battle with all brackets and all effects turned on while recording and not have it lag at all.

  • theantiredneck says:

    Hey is that how the game is for you, as in it being choppy like that or is it some issue from putting it on U tube? I run it on a pair of 275gtx’s and it runs 16Q maxed everything smooth as silk so that means you don’t need a crazy graphics setup!

  • VisioCloud says:

    @MrHaseoyashimora Well, it wasn’t exactly a lvl 4, but sure if you wanna apply to join our corp, we’d love to have you. Corporation Ticker is ToPEC . :D

  • MrHaseoyashimora says:

    holy fuck all that for a lv 4 O_o whats the corp name might join!

  • ch0nix says:

    It’s just the recorder…

  • Wildmnky247 says:

    Is the lag your computer or the screen recorder? I just hope you don’t actually play like that.

  • ancient593 says:

    VIsioncloud its me wilson yu. What’s up guys =)

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