EVE Online: Incursion Devblog #2 – Neural Remaps and Skill Points: Listening to the Players

EVE Online Incursion Devblog #1 – Neural Remaps and Skill Points: Listening to the Players with Arnar Hrafn Gylfason, Senior Producer of EVE Online. Arnar talks to us about the proposed plex remap feature and how the CSM influenced the decision to halt the change.

An introductory video to production in Eve-Online. Made for GoonFleet newbies :)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “EVE Online: Incursion Devblog #2 – Neural Remaps and Skill Points: Listening to the Players”

  • highjinx68 says:

    Thanks for the advice. Incursion expansion bought planetary interaction and its better than mining imo. Almost a year later and im a couple of weeks from covert ops, command ships, and logistics( would have been 3 months sooner but computer broke this past summer (>.<). Have yet to do an incursion but hopefully before the year is out I will get my feet wet.

  • streetera7 says:

    This is a real Man and Woman Game, fuk the rest they looking like they need a rest+)

  • LithiumLogica says:

    What he says about the learning skills is fucking nail-on-the-head. That’s -exactly- what made me mad about those skills. It easily took me a month+(and I never finished them) of just learning skills before I was having much fun at all… So glad to see it being changed.

  • packetcreeper says:

    i, for one, think this was a perfect time for ccp to make this decision and actually follow through with it. when i started eve back in late 2009, i spent the first month or so training up learning skills. i’m sure it made a lot of sense at launch, but with the customer base at over 350,000, it doesn’t make sense any longer. ty ccp!

  • BassRacerx says:

    i trained several basic and advanced learning skills to 5 where most players only trained them to 4 and it just felt awesome to train skills so fast those 2 points made a difference and it really made me feel elite. now im just a regular joe.

    if your going to get rid of the learning skills you might as well get rid atribute implants. i really like how learning skills gave you that feeling of being a ship captain. also it added immersion into the world of eve.

  • DarkSmokey says:

    if you’re going to play eve, start now. i kept telling my IRL friends to get into eve as soon as they can…they started 2 years after me and now regret it.

    one thing you should know about eve is that it’s really not like wow. an expansion here, just like everything else, is growing in time…not like wow, where people get the newest tiers under a month after they come out or whatever.

    so basically 2 days before or later, it doesn’t matter. join when u feel like playing, really

  • highjinx68 says:

    i tried eve trial years ago but got more into WoW…now that train left the station and i want to get into eve online. should i pick it up now or when the expansion comes out in 2 days for the updates?

  • MrLazyLaiz says:

    5 everything :rapetrain:

  • XuBlax says:

    you and me both bro, 4 days to go!

  • Brand131 says:

    They should get rid of attributes altogether.

  • DeftCrowMk3 says:

    A “choice” that will potentially take away more than 30% of the total potential SP over time? Do you call that a choice? Do you actually understand what a choice means? At least not training learning skills is not a choice; it’s self-injury as you see.

    I personally applaud CCP for making the brave decision to remove an ancient, faulty mechanic that was stunting the growth of the player base for over 4 years. More new players == More targets to shoot at. ‘Nuff said.

  • DeftCrowMk3 says:

    “You don’t HAVE to train your learning skills.”
    This guy, who happens to be my ingame friend, made the exact “choice” you have described and specialized in elite frigates early in the game. He became the best combat pilot in my corp thanks to his experience early in the game, but now he not only lost more than 15 million potential SP over the last 2 years, but also got omitted from the SP reimbursement because of that “choice.”

  • DeftCrowMk3 says:

    In my point of view, learning skills are basically a choice between “have fun now and suffer later” or “suffer now and have fun later.” It’s a choice between suffering in essence, and you don’t have another option to avoid that inevitable suffering unless you purchase a 5/5 learning character from another guy, using more money than you’ll ever need to start a brand new business ingame. I call that bull****.

    Excellent decision CCP!

  • macgyver2210 says:

    KEEEEEEP the learning skills. I think your argument that “It’s not fun” is sort of irrelevant on this issue. You don’t HAVE to train your learning skills, they give you a time bonus if you bother to do so.

    If you take out the learning skills you might as well take out all the skills and make abilities time-based (ie, time in game == skillpoints).

  • Lordmark1234 says:

    IF they wanted it on-topic and concise they should not have “interviewed” him. He should have just had a bullet point list and read it off straight.

    nureal remapping,

    game play affected

    heard the argument

    heard the reasons behind it,



    i mean there

    mean there was

    of course

    natural for us to follow the customer base.


    We heard the arguments players were giving and naturally took on board their opinion.

  • kcolagio says:

    What I suspect you are noticing is that he’s being interviewed (at least that seems apparent to me) and 1) he’s coming up with the answers on the fly and 2) they edited out the person who asked the questions.

    They probably had other questions and answers that weren’t relevant to the topic. If that’s the case, then in order to keep it shorter and more on topic, editing them out would make perfect sense.

  • palidan99 says:

    The greatest argument for people who are against the removal of learning skills is that it will create an influx of players who arn’t interested in the serious strategic nature of the game which will downgrade the quality of the playerbase.

    Personally, I think that’s not a good enough reason (and one without much merit) to deny that the removal of learning skills is a good step for the future of eve online.

  • Lordmark1234 says:

    Okay, I guess being a Yorkshire man I should not say he is hard to understand.. since alot of Eve players aren’t native English speakers.

    But you must admit this video could be put down to a minute or less and can be made far more interesting.

    Don’t look at the video and just play the sound.. it sounds like he is burping many times during his speech. It isn’t fluent at all.

  • TheeMentat says:

    The problem isn´t so simple, so linear. Lot´s of people use it´s learning skills as part of his strategies. In my case, when I was at the beginning of the game I lost good missions and other corp ops because I was “losing” time getting learning skills. So, the “simple” solution CCP offered isn´t going to give back the time and money (and ISK) I lost while training learning skills. They (CCP) never asked me if I wanted this.

  • thebast4 says:

    im not english… now go surrender or something.

  • Sindri44 says:

    thats beacuse it’s the players that make the game

  • GorgeousGeist says:

    No offense, but I certainly disagree with your post. First, his spoken english is very good and understandable, you have to keep in mind that he (like many others at CCP) isn’t a native english speaker.
    Second of all, how much shorter should this video be? He takes a bit over 3 minutes to explain why they removed something thats been in the game literally forever.

  • CygnusSC says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have no problem understanding this guy. Also, I’d like them to explain everything. Transparency for the win. Maybe if they explained everything, people would stop complaining when they see the reasoning behind the decision. What do you think they even made the CSM? It’s not so they can spend money to fly some fans out to Iceland…

    You’d probably loose a lot of that top-of-the-head insight in a scripted speech.

  • zakor33 says:

    disagree, the more information on hand to the players keeps us happy.

  • Lordmark1234 says:

    This guy is very hard to understand.

    Bit of advice for information videos CCP… make them short and sweet. You don’t need to explain everything.

    Also, have a speech pre-planned and practiced. This guy seems to be talking off the top of his head..

  • rowink90 says:

    Thank you very much for this video. :)

  • Nikko3001 says:

    …OR you can easily slurp up all of the scordite and pyroxeries, manufacture them…then sell them. Moar moneys xD

  • MrDevin712 says:


  • rikkof says:

    help with this game needed i dotn now how to get out in space????????????

  • buczasik says:

    somegrybloke plays EVE! Sweet! :)

  • Kaninerness says:

    if anyone want a 21 day trail (7 days longer than standard trail) send me PM, got some left.

  • b1gbird001 says:

    if you’re smart, you’ll fly out to low sec with something that can only be bought in high sec, and sell them at a stupidly high price.

    most players who can’t enter 0.1 space will come to you :) profit.

  • Frosty301289 says:

    well with the highest material and productivity level it can, and when mass producing with that, you cane make a hell lot of good isk

  • Gennaloko says:

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  • Gugukax says:

    Wow, that was easyer than i thought… :D

  • johnnycache says:

    he bought them retail for the example, though. Corporations buy materials en masse using buy orders or get them from their own looters and miners. The process is really for people making thousands of missiles to sell or give to their fleet, it’s not really intended for saving money by making your own ammo.

  • ibex333 says:

    Well, that’s not necessarily a good thing still. If you sell the loot and minerals at a good price on the market, you can possibly make a lot more money and still have tons left over to buy missiles cheap, as opposed to “wasting” the ore/loot to manufacture your missiles.

    The only way I can see this being feasible is if you have very high skills which allow you to make the most of your reprocessed loot, and you are too far from a trade hub to buy missiles at a good price…

  • mos7wan7ed says:

    the idea is you scrap the loot or mine the ore.. so they are free to you. the only cost is the time it takes to collect whats needed for the minerals and the cost of the bpo.

  • Thex03 says:

    Very helpful video thank you for posting, and I understood you just fine.

  • ibex333 says:

    Thank you very nice video and you zoom in unlike the other goon who is too lazy to do that. :(

    One issue here is that producing missiles is apparently not worth it. It cost you more than 2k isk to make these 100 missiles and I can buy 100 got 650isk on the market right now… so what’s the point? and how can it possibly be “worth it” for anyone to manufacture these?

  • grimlok85 says:

    I understand him perfectly and im from Norway.

  • Gemoron says:

    nice guide for beginners, but you are nearly not understandable

  • ellipsis00 says:

    its that kiwi accent, soft vowels.

  • MShort0 says:

    is it just me or does it sound like hes wearing a trash bag?

  • MShort0 says:

    he reminds me of my physics teacher, but great vid, very helpful

  • zhongchao84 says:

    Yeah this was very soporific, but I really liked it :)

  • samsaki says:

    i like it, everyone always bags out goonfleet for being a bunch of noobies, but you guys seem to be the only ones actually informing people of these basics. Goodjob.

  • magicalmako says:

    Oh Kiwillian-chaaaaaaaaaaaan!

  • toasted4life says:

    Love the goonfleet training vid series. o/ Do you guys accept industrialists as well as PVPers in your alliance?

  • unholycrap says:

    kiwi’s house of poop

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