EVE-Online | Hulk Gank Attempt? Brutix Epic Fail

So I was mining my own business you know OREs and some guy shows up in a Brutix (1:40) and starts to attack me! After failing to kill me .. they write in local … “needed to blow up for insurance” which makes no sense.. they can self destruct if that was the case! ——— Watch Live Stream at www.ellatha.com Want to try out EVE-Online? Visit secure.eve-online.com to get started using my affiliate link!

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24 Responses to “EVE-Online | Hulk Gank Attempt? Brutix Epic Fail”

  • GamingWithDaOpa says:

    I do alot of LIVE STREAMING, and this so happens to have been captured… its very rare something like this happenes to me :P

  • kartafla2 says:

    Okei, nice vid. Couple of questions.
    Why on earth where you mining Veldspar ina frigging floating container?
    Why video taping something like that? Expecting attack?

    Videotaping myself mining Veldspar is just as uninteresting as videotaping street lights changing all day.

  • darian1968 says:

    good fail omg made me laugh poor fella NOT but oh what the hell anyways ;) good try btw did you loot the guys wreck?

  • MrAwsome514 says:

    The fun part about hulkageddon was that I kept on mining right through it. I survived about 20 different gank attemps on the first day alone. If miners just face the station and web eachother you can warp out before the gankers even finnish warping in.

  • RampagingSpaceMarine says:

    @MrAwsome514 fit it with small rails.
    also sucking is enough for not being able to make it.

  • RampagingSpaceMarine says:

    dude you suck at typing. lol
    and the fact you are like OHMYGAWDWTFHEFAILEDHEEPICALLYFAILED means you’re panting because you are just happy you survived. lol

  • azertu2u2 says:

    oone of the biggest bullshit excuses seen :)

  • DevNulZor says:

    Most hillarious thing was….

  • zidey says:

    You made that worse for yourself… You should have just let the first warp finish

  • whinnymom1 says:

    if you want the insurance, self destruct. dumb fuck!

  • MrAwsome514 says:

    @Sodiumreactor Havent you heard of hulkageddon? It is a little competetion held every once in a while to see who can gank the most hulks within a certain time span. I hear it is sponsored by some major hulk manufacturor to help boost hulk sales. I know my corp was supplying our region with the majority of it’s Noctis salvage ships for a while and we ganked a few of them just to make em buy more.

  • MrAwsome514 says:

    I am greatly confused… How do you fail to gank a hulk in a battle cruiser knowen for having the best DPS of all battlecruisers against a stationary target at point blank range?

  • BlackAngelus says:

    lol, the music in the beginning makes the mining almost exciting to watch, or to do for that matter :P

  • Sodiumreactor says:

    you say that it makes no sense. but trying to suicide gank you for any other reason also makes no sense. my alliance founder was the target of an attempted suicide gank, in his Noctis with a 1 billion ISK MWD fitted. Now THAT attempted gank made sense!

  • GamingWithDaOpa says:

    @thc024 i do alot of Live streaming , and this happened during that session -

  • thc024 says:

    wtf u doing recording yourself mining lolz ;)

  • The40Kwarrior says:

    @cinosxx very very true, but wheres the fun in that? lol

  • cinosxx says:

    @The40Kwarrior ow… damn i need glasses … but still he can mine veld in 1.0 -0.9 … no npc pirates and lower count of player pirates

  • GamingWithDaOpa says:

    @nikolai090 umm .. u should be able to see how much cargo space i have .. put the video on full screen :P

  • The40Kwarrior says:

    @cinosxx he’s in a 0.5 system – hisec.

  • nikolai090 says:

    how much cargo space you got

  • cinosxx says:

    Good Hulk man :) but yeah .. why do u mine veldspar in low-sec ?

  • nikolai090 says:

    why is everyone only farming veldspar

  • themidnightdaylight says:

    guess he should have loaded more than 3 volleys worth of ammo lol…

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