Eve online : how much HACs hits hard

An interesting video about a nice fight between a BB/inty and a zealot. The BB keeps jaming the HAC but when it fails, the zealot bring hell.

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  • scion7 says:

    A BB with TP would be better used…cause it would help my bunghole for it is corn hole in cruiser all day long!!!

  • scion7 says:

    a armor BB? WTF?

  • frommishjr says:

    The fail was trying to take on that ship and talking shit before he got the “kill” Otherwise props for posting a loss. Not many do that

  • mathewdelamere says:

    lol even with ship bonus and good ewar skills the blackbird can fail alot on jam especialy with only 3 multispecs

  • sonofaturdbucket says:

    bb means black bird which is a t1 cruiser with jammer bonuses.
    the funnies part of this vid is the bb pilot talks shit in local then dies >< “next time dont shoot at my corp mates”
    “omg :P
    “that sucked big time”

  • DonE1899 says:

    Nice Egg

  • verxintRising says:

    PS: This video is from 2006 you dumbfucks, stop commenting on his fit unless you remember how the game worked back then.

  • verxintRising says:

    And that my friend is called facerape.

  • Marxxxfangurl69 says:

    no actually the bigger fail is that he kept all ECMs cycling ANd had no propr mod but whatever.

  • the666thmessiah says:

    @kingfasa Noooo… the fail here is he has an active tank rather than a buffer.. and on an ewar ship, an armor buffer is the best; you can fill the mediums with ewar, and you buffer the armor to ensure you can survive another cycle.

  • emoklan says:

    @JOTRKID why the fuck would a battleship have 3 amarr jams read the damn description

  • Rynx214 says:

    that’s hilarious, the zealot pilot’s all surrendering and the BB pilot’s talking tough

    Blackbird strategy I learned when I used to fly one a lot: never fly a blackbird unless you have 2 more of them fitted out within 3-4 jumps. Good Blackbird strategy revolves around dying and coming back in another ship XD

  • kingfasa says:

    caldari do shields. it just is huh? Wrong. fail. shows how much pvp u actually do. Go back to eve uni and learn something useful

  • HunterOfShadows77 says:

    LOL he says “That Sucked big time” lol noob

  • thestrongestone says:

    that looks like the mothership from homworld 2

  • themunster says:

    whats with beam lasers as well – if he’d had pulse on with the 3 damage mod setup and max skills even a 1600mm plate wouldn’t of kept that BB alive long enough to get another jam.

  • Sargethepyromaniac says:

    i love the maturity of your comment.

  • Annihilate3275 says:


  • Sargethepyromaniac says:

    it was a blackbird

  • JOTRKID says:

    I believe it is the battleship that was the cameraman.

  • SargentandGreenLeaf says:

    in this case, you are correct, because the zealot pilot is f’in retarded, and is already half dead

  • roshawn1111 says:

    thats 1600 mm plat would of saved him

  • Sargethepyromaniac says:

    well done captain obvious for stating that the BB is cally, you need your med slots for EWAR an mwd and maybe a SeBo leaving no room for a Shield booster, so sticking a large plate in the lows to avoid being insta popped is quite common

  • pheonex says:

    Falcons should have a 1600mm plate on them for if they miss a cycle and or to take a few hits before warping out -

  • pheonex says:

    And yeh a 1600mm plate is always a good idea for if you miss a cycle

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