Eve Online High Sec Pos Bash

We decided to war dec a corp because of shit they did to our members and we found a pos they owned offline LOL this was our day Sorry if camera issues at the end i was looking at tower when it died lol Music is not owned by me in anyway gameplay is from eve online www.eveonline.com

Red Overlord and allies found themselves with several jumpbridges disabled due to a Sansha incursion in their home region, and as such decided to scramble a large fleet to deal with the situation. The FC’s of the coalition fleets heard about a large Razor nano gankfleet incoming from the north, but told the pilots to not bother until the the hostile fleet came closer. As the enemy fleet arrived in TR07-S, the ROL and AAA FC’s ordered the troops to meet them in the 4-OUKF system. Once engaged, the Razor nano gang started blowing up east and west, facing a highly motivated gang of Stainwagoners – seriously bored and pissed off after hours of Sansha-PVE. Razor did their best to nano their way out of the pickle, but Stainwagons high dps battleships and quick resolve gave a large portion of them, free tickets to podway express home. Shortly after it was business as usual, Red Overlord and their friends returned to fight the incursion. Killmail : eve-kill.net

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