Eve Online HD: Incursion Character Creation – Amarr Male

This video shows the new Character Creation tool for Eve Online (Iteration 3). This was recorded on their test server “Singularity” (Sisi) – and shows me modelling a true-blooded Amarr male, with robes (which a lot of people thought would be gone from the new system…) – It’s still in test phase though, so the hood doesn’t work yet – but it’s good to see it’s there. The original file was twenty minutes long, so I’ve compressed it down to just under fourteen – So, if things seem to go a bit fast in places – that’ll be the reason… it would have been shorter, but I struggled with some of the hair-colour options… The Character Creator is still in its test phases; so even more improvements can be expected (Soon™) All images and music are, and remain, the property of CCP – Used with permission.

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