EVE Online – Gurista Spies, The LVL4

Fighting alone in a LVL4 Mission called The Gurista Spies LVL4 Fitting: High: 7x Meta4 425mm Large Railguns Med: 1x Meta4 Xlarge Shield Booster 2x Shield Hardener T2 2x Cap Recharger T2 1x Meta4 Shield Boost Amplifier Low: 5x Cap Recharger T2 Rigs: 3x CCC Rigs T1

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  • Zimba9810 says:

    wow  very clear video, no loud annoying music and its in normal speed. me like!

  • ExplosiveMuffin1 says:

    I once did a level 5 low-sec in a Phoenix. I think the exact level was -0.3

  • prestb says:

    Alright, I see. I use the Raven, so didn’t know what it was all about, thanks.

  • synclinalllun says:

    “Caldari Battleship Skill Bonus: 10% large hybrid optimal range per level and 5% shield resistance per level”

    5% shield resistance per level…

    Basically it’s like having an extra invul at BS lvl 5.

  • prestb says:

    I know, it’s a 1 year old comment, but how does having Caldari Battleship  IV or V help at all? It doesn’t show any bonuses that you get from it. Not being a jerk or anything, I’m just a mission runner that can’t tank his Raven very well.

  • Dagg215 says:

    Do what you want cuz a pirate is free, you are a pirate! :D

  • UnknownXV says:

    Of course you’ll need a shield booster in level 4 missions, unless you can kill entire rooms full of elite cruisers and battleships in less than 3-4 minutes.

  • Gravemind158 says:

    cool story bra. im flying golem already, your comment is late *german giggles*

  • razor650 says:

    LoL Dude, during the time you need to kill ONE fucking BS, my lame CNR Kills 3 of them… Killspeed, ever heard of it? The More/faster u kill, the lesser tank u need!
    This Killspeed is laughable…U needed about what? 2-3 Minutes for ONE Pith Exterminator??? :D
    CNR can do the complete mission in ~ 8-12 Minutes….

  • Gravemind158 says:

    yep i wanted a perma run rokh, good as tank but not fast in killing stuff. my skills grown bigger and im running no more missions, im going with carrier doing anomaly in cobalt edge. delicious monies 8)

  • PnoiDud3 says:

    Ok so what if his fit isn’t exactly what I call a normal mission fit. Even though his fit seems a bit stupid for setting up, I like how he filled the goal of being able to perma run the shield booster. So in my eyes I believe his set up is decent for mission running. Yes it wont complete a mission as fast as you like but remember that this is the rokh, it is a sniper ship than a mission ship.

  • synclinalllun says:

    That’s the failiest fail fit ever. I do more damage with my 350mm T2 railguns. 425mm railguns is for sniper fits. Don’t need them for missions. You’ll hardly ever get any use out of the extra range. Also, that thing is way overtanked. You don’t need to be cap stable in a rokh. If you have caldari battleship on lvl4 or 5, with two invul IIs, you’ll be an unstoppable brick. You won’t even need to use your shield booster on most missions.

    WTF cap recharger in low slots?

  • Gravemind158 says:

    Im flying now Tengu, its faster than a Raven or Rokh. and i love it! i will put a video with the same Mission soon.

  • shgjlsfg says:

    a rokh can complete a lv 4 very quickly if you know what your doing. you only need to pulse the booster to tank a sufficent enuf dps to tank most lv 4 missons

  • Gravemind158 says:

    Ubertanked Rokh, can take all LVL4 missions but cant complete them so fast like a raven :P

  • shgjlsfg says:

    lol what kinda fit is that?

  • NorthernFocus says:

    Also, you’ll deal over 2200 damage per alpha strike on “well” aimed shots. Averaging 1700+ on normal hits. Wrecking salvos are well over 3000.

  • NorthernFocus says:

    Try 8 x 425mm compressed coils, 1 x xl booster 2, boost amp 2, 2 x invul 2 / CN invuls, 1 x EM hardener 2 / CN em hardener, 1 x cap recharger 2, 1 x meta 4 / t2 damage control, 2 x PDS 2, 2 x mag stab 2s / meta 4 mag stabs, 1 x shield em rig, 1 x shield therm rig, 1 x ccc.

    Gives ~ 88k EHP, 84/78/80/83 resists with 816HP every 5 sec with t2 gear for booster/boost amp, 6 sec ROF with only lvl 3 supplementary gunnery skills (rapid firing, etc) and gunnery 5.

  • Gravemind158 says:

    read my description :-) 

  • Geez89 says:

    without damagemods?
    fail fit!

  • magebro01 says:

    fuk doing that in my raven

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