EVE Online Guide Abbadon21′s Guide to EVE Online

Get the other free videos here: www.eveproguides.com Hey, This is Abbadon21 from EVEProGuides.com. In this 3 minute eve video guide I’m going to tell you how to make more ISK and improve your PVP. You need ISK to PVP, so let’s start there. In EVE you have countless choices of how to make ISK. Early in your career your most likely choices will be Mining, Missioning, and Ratting. These are good places to start, but the truth is that after you play for a few weeks, you need to go to the next level if you’re going to make ISK quickly enough to fund your progress. To do that you need some more advanced methods. I talk about those alot in my free video guides you can get by clicking the link in the description of this video. The first thing you will need to learn is how to use buy and sell orders to produce produce a profit. This is called Arbitrage. Think of it as forcing your self into a middle man position and taking a small cut of everything sold in a market. The next thing to learn is Market Manipulation, which involves actually changing market prices for your own profit. Now once you get ISK making down, it’s time for PVP. The most important tips for learning PVP are: 1. Get out and do it. Buy a bunch of Tech 1 frigates and go out and learn by trial and error. 2. Learn from the best by watching videos and pvp guides. 3. Get out and do it some more. The most important thing is that you just get out there and do it. Everything else will follow. So let’s recap that… Learn

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