EVE ONLINE – Gate Camping, Not always smooth sailing – Episode 012

About Us ~ CLICK HERE~ Neil – YouTube: www.youtube.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Was a good experience, as not every PVP goes how you expect it. Our fleet was small this time round, was good to get some contacts though. Main Character – Jennifer Jong Help dictate what skills she trains, some of the actions and adventures she may go on, and possibly even what Corp/Alliance she will choose between all possible candidates. PARTICIPATE Submit a comment to this video and all future video’s and if your comment is the most liked comment by the next episode then your comment may be actioned (providing I see benifit or interest and it’s not an insane comment) EVE SPONSORSHIP Would you like to sponsor the series ? Would you like to have an advert for your corp at the start or end (TBC) of each episode to increase your member count and hold on space ! Send a email in game for further Info!

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