Eve-Online Gang Pvp – Golden Pinch

This is a collection of fights I have recorded since I’ve been in snuff. It’s all 10-15man gangs with logi support going up against larger numbers. I know gang pvp isn’t as well received but I enjoy making videos and figured it be of interest to some people. I hope you enjoy it! Length: 10:12 Ships flown: Zealot, Absolution, Abaddon Tracklist: Concord Dawn – You Don’t Have To Run KoRn ft. Skrillex – Chaos Lives In Everything Thanks go to: Jalif – Editing advice Donnie + BOOLER – for fc’ing Rest of Snuff

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Eve-Online Gang Pvp – Golden Pinch”

  • prodigy2k7 says:

    That is one reason why I dont fit MWD on an abaddon.

  • dudesgothair says:

    You’re an idiot and you’ve obviously never flown an amarr bs

  • MRMR97411 says:

    oh ok i was like wtf haha

  • lowryt91 says:

    Abaddon is very cap hungry, I have maxed cap skills but with mwding for tackle and guns over a 10-15 minute fight I’m bound to get low.

  • MRMR97411 says:

    do u seriously need cap boosters to use ur guns? or do u just have fail cap skills haha

  • pointblack1000 says:

    lol i didn’t know that’s possible :D , thx

  • dikkeroege says:

    Hahah try dragging your mods.

  • pointblack1000 says:

    i didn’t know you can put cap booster in the high slot 0.o

  • Martin161272Lyd says:

    Nice vid, good music

  • cthulify says:

    It’s not your fault gang videos aren’t well received. It’s CCP’s, the combat is just much harder to grasp, and it’s almost impossible to figure out who is doing what.

  • likalaka24 says:

    to batphone shadow cartel/tuskers to come save them, at which point we were far to outnumbered to continue. We landed up losing 2 triage carriers. So yes the fights we get are challenging, and it may look simple in videos what we do, but it needs to be seeing most people are boxing. But in some ways you are right, people generally won’t engage us without a significant edge, be it numbers, logi, ewar, a backup fleet or whatever.

  • likalaka24 says:

    due to lots of our corp being busy with rl currently (we’re a small corp) but we generally get at least 1 good scrap a weekend, an example would be the past 2 weekends we’ve fought the gallente, the first was 5 of us, some of your guys, and a few members from several other corps fighting a gallente gang, and i’m sure your guys will agree it was a damn fun fight, which we were losing until we deployed triage. The following weekend we took on a bigger gal fleet who had (tbc)

  • likalaka24 says:

    no absolutely, I understand what your asking and enjoy watching your vids myself to see your style of pvp. When we downgraded to the cane fleet, we still found the same level of hesitence to fight us as before (to the point of rupture gangs being mentioned on the forums) and we would have happily welped a fleet of canes for the sake of a fun fight. So personally I don’t feel it really limits the fights we get significantly. We’re very much a weekend corp atm tbc…

  • zapdecom says:

    what i find most astonishing about the last fight is the following:

    the caption says: 6 BS and 3 Guarians. Teamspeak overlay says: 5 People

    nice multiboxing!

  • DangerosoDavo says:

    Nice Vid, (kinda wanna go back to low sec now) :D

  • jampyzero says:

    Really what I’m curious about is how often you can get the sort of engagements you show here. I’ve always had so much more trouble getting fights when I step up my hardware that I always wind up going back to cheap stuff.

    Do you guys get good fights often? How often do your fights feel challenging? That kind of thing.

    Again, no criticism, just curiosity.

  • jampyzero says:

    Yeah, maybe I phrased my question badly. I really am not trying to discuss whether or not your pvp contains risk, it obviously does, what I want to know is how your method of managing risk pans out. You’re absolutely right that someone flying cheap stuff isn’t risking much, thats the way I’ve always managed risk. Originally that was out of necessity I think, but now with more resources I’m curious about the way the other side lives.

    to be continued…

  • likalaka24 says:

    its all about perspective, we could argue someone running a cheap battlecruiser gang was no risk because it’s worth next to nothing, someone has to only kill 1 of us and we’ve lost the isk war usually. We have recently been trying a cane fleet to look more engagable, and still been successful, but then people who accuse us of hiding behind expensive ships come out with new excuses not to fight us. We try more than most people to engage in unfavourable situations.

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  • RamblinRichard says:

    about as good as it gets when it comes to small gangs! gj

  • FreshClipMedia says:

    Great stuff, really liked it and can derffinitely see jur’s influence, should be a bit more careful with your overlay though it was slightly miss aligned.

  • haydenjc3 says:

    In the middle fight the opposing fleet should have spread the ECM to the dps rather than the logi and then focused on each dps knocking them out one by one. Nice work though, you guys seem to work very well in a fleet.

  • DaniSang says:

    wasn’t meaned or is a angry response. Sorry for that. Snuff box was like any other corporation in eve in the beginning. Bunch of members enjoying pirating. Eventually we got blobbed and blobbed over again. At that moment snuffbox decided to upgrade instead of getting more members. Logistics are a force multiplier like Ecm and falcons. New problem is that people actually start to bring 10 logistics or multiple triages for just for the 20 of us.

  • jampyzero says:

    that was an awfully angry response. I wasn’t being critical. I’ve never done that kind of pvp and I’m genuinely curious about how often you get good fights and how often you actually lose. I’m interested because I often don’t use the kinds of fleets you are using because I’m worried that it would be too hard to find enemy gangs willing to engage us.

    I understand that pvp is always a risk and that lots of people use logistics…if you don’t want to answer me seriously thats ok…

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