Eve online gameplay:pirate attack

I found some pirates on eve online and thought I get a bit of revenge.

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  • bjs475 says:


  • bjs475 says:

    eve online is for people who enjoy non linear sand box style not hold your hand to the end games like wow

  • tuonmitie says:

    Is this all there is to this game?… Can’t u walk around or something?….If this is all there is to this game it’s a freaking dumb game

  • FullyArmedCamel says:

    Eve is a game for people who are above and beyond other mmo that are just button mashing repeats of each other the level of depth in this game if you dont like the cut throat nature of eve go back and play World of Little kid I am sure they will hand you a cookie when you log on and hold your hand level all the way to the end game possibly even giving you a reach around in the process.

  • GaraisPigeons says:

    Thouse red dudes are Pirates… well wtf is this?… How people can play this?…
    Srry but my opinon is this game is for thouse who dont know how to play somthing better.. srsly u all who play this dont get bored of thet crap ? xD

  • MastaSquidge says:

    Dude, you look like a complete fucking retard yourself. You appear to have the average intelligence of a rock with that horrible spelling, and worse grammar. So thank you for proving my point that you are simply too dumb to get it.

  • MastaSquidge says:

    Stupid and beyond your intelligence capabilities appear to be the same thing sometimes.

  • marshel87 says:

    I’m going to sleep.. wake me if something happens…

  • marinac5 says:

    lol wtf this game is rly stupid…..

  • ALEX250692 says:

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  • n1ght162 says:

    this looks boring mosty because of the sound effects and music.. the mood of the game seems slow. they need more excitement to the game

  • xXAceFrehleyXx says:

    This looks boring as shit… Sorry just my opinion

  • bionicledragon says:

    To anyone who wants EVE online, its on steam for $4.99, with 30 days of subscription pre-paid!

  • MrGoLuckyFish says:

    So does this mean that you can go and kill random people for cash?

  • samuils says:

    pew pew pew pew, reload the peashooter quick. pew pew pew

  • obaniehia says:

    assault ships are the way to go  man.. tech 2 frigs=bad ass

  • Nitroglycerine1000 says:

    god the graphics in this game seems so good. :F

  • killerpups17 says:

    in eve online you only have a single ship?

  • spudisking says:

    how much is eve a month?

  • Lillelj says:

    that is THE most boring looking game ever.

  • enricxo says:

    does every fight takes so long?… pm me pls.

  • sven0123456789 says:


  • youngskillz08 says:

    looks wank

  • Lbcnu24 says:

    what kind of video card are you using?

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