EVE Online Gameplay [Tumbzilla [HD]

Here is some my gaming footage and some game graphic display. EVE Online is a video game by CCP Games. It is player-driven persistent-world massively multiplayer online game set in a science fiction space setting. Players pilot customizable ships through a universe comprising over five thousand star systems.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • SchuneiderMidas says:

    any1 wanna 21day trial, send me your email.
    i ll even give 200mill credit if you subscribe

  • ALEX250692 says:

    Offering 30 DAYS Free trial invitations ! also ingame money to get you started and advice ! just pm me with your email address ! also offering 200 MILLION isk if you activate your game (more than anyone else offering here !)

  • malorl says:

    If anyone is looking to start playing EVEOnline send me a youtube mail with your email and ill send you a 21 day free trial. Once thats done i can help you out on give by giving money and awnsering all questions. I do this cause if you become a EVE member i get a free 30 days of game time also =D

  • EcnalKcin says:

    play the free trial, any one of us with an account would be glad to hook you up with the extended trial.

  • EcnalKcin says:

    Well, you can theoretically buy game time with in game currency. I have even been told you can do it on your fist month with the right connections and knowledge. I personally never really tried, but I am sure it is possible.

  • illkillyoubitch says:

    I have been curious about this game for a long time… I love space and planets and such. I am just not sure if I will get into it. I need to see more videos I guess.

  • specterseal999 says:

    if this doesnt have monthly fee, i would have been buying it and buying it for my friends lol

  • EvePlayer100 says:

    If you are looking to try this game Pm me your email for a free 21 day trial invite. I’ll send over some starting cash and a significant bonus if you subscribe :)

  • AvgOpinion says:

    If you interested in trying Eve out, email me at avgopinion420@hotmail.com, I can get you a free 21-day trial instead of the standard 14 day trial. If you like the game and activate it, then I will recieve 30 days free for referring someone. If that happens I will pay you 100 mill of in game currency, which for a new player will go a really long way!

  • gsclanleader says:

    oh yes it is

  • blackchaos853 says:

    how is this worth paying for?

  • Clambercty says:

    Is this a good game?

    Worth playing?

    and is it free?

  • BehelitOutlaw says:

    i felt asleep sorry

  • Timeyful says:

    i thought theres no sound in space ._.

  • EricDutemple says:

    this looks..really really boring

  • Afterfield says:

    I love how you can be Just flying around, minding your own business when “HOLY A GIANT ASTEROID ZOOMS UP OUT OF NOWHERE!”

  • jtb1137 says:

    @ChAnYaHmAhCogEcO im guessing he means he plays bad company on xbox with his son? haha idk bro. youd think people would actually try to convey a coherent message but guess not haha

  • Grohowiak says:

    If you want extra free game time send me a message here.
    It’s called “buddy invite” and you get 21 days instead of 14.
    I will help you to stand on your own feet and make sure you are financially secured for quite a while so you do not have to worry about skill books/ships and ammo.

  • MrF5379 says:

    what he’s shown when he was just starting out. It’s much more than just click and shoot later on.

  • ChAnYaHmAhCogEcO says:

    “I play in a XBOX ROOM my self and with my son,”

    I’m sorry, come again?

  • DIM0RI says:

    Yes but if those 250,000 are all in the same server then it is much. I’m not sure about WoWs numbers but it has hundreds of smaller servers where only couple thousand are playing. So you don’t get as big universe in any game as in EVE.

  • DIM0RI says:

    Of course there is. Only they are called missions not quests in the game.

  • Ubermicrocunt says:

    pathetic game.
    I play in a XBOX ROOM my self and with my son, know that’s GREAT GAME.

  • Icaurs389 says:

    Yeah I agree, this looks completely like MMO-combat, just click and it’ll attack, and if your level is high enough you’ll defeat it.

  • TakumiKuroki says:


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