EVE online gameplay HD4670

EVE online gameplay HD4670 over 100 fps settings: img4.imageshack.us

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  • goku2038 says:


  • wowxFreak33 says:

    If you want to have 21 days of EVE online instead of 14 days then contact me and I’ll invite you.

  • xXDarkspliterXx says:

    if any one wants a 21day trial instead of a 14day trial , send me a message on my youtube account with your Email address and i will send you the 21 day trial.

  • ALEX250692 says:

    Offering 30 DAYS Free trial invitations ! also ingame money to get you started and advice ! just pm me with your email address ! also offering 200 MILLION isk if you activate your game (more than anyone else offering here !)

  • Wopolusa says:

    system is not spelt sistem rolsanee….

  • atwoods3 says:

    black porphecy is garbage. bugged to hell send me a private message with your email address and i’ll send you a special buddy trial for EVE online that lasts 21 days. Also if you decide to subscribe i’ll send you 250 million isk!

  • atwoods3 says:

    send me a private message with your email address and i’ll send you a special buddy trial that lasts 21 days. Also if you decide to subscribe i’ll send you 250 million isk!

  • malorl says:

    If anyone is looking to start playing EVEOnline send me a youtube mail with your email and ill send you a 21 day free trial. Once thats done i can help you out on give by giving money and awnsering all questions. I do this cause if you become a EVE member i get a free 30 days of game time also =D

  • ALEX250692 says:

    Giving away 30 DAYS FREE trial invitations + Starting Money that will help you a LOT ! I don’t ask anything in return ! Message me if you are interested !

  • Austneal says:

    @AntonPrivalov1 What? No, it’s 15 a month, not 50

  • AntonPrivalov1 says:

    @Paracaz ok with 2 bucks a month it was to harsh it would be fair to make it at least 15-30$ Can you imagine a good game costs almost 30-50 and tht means its like buying each month a new game!My wallet doesent have that much but i dont want to not play it………… thats what sad-the price is to high!

  • AntonPrivalov1 says:

    @Austneal 50$ not 15, well i would pay 15 bucks but not 50 its to much ……and i love this game but i only had a trial version.

  • Austneal says:

    @AntonPrivalov1 Thumbs down. Not only does that $15 a month help them develop the game, but it helps keep out the retards like you.

  • EvePlayer100 says:

    If you are looking to try this game Pm me your email for a free 21 day trial invite. I’ll send over some starting cash and a significant bonus if you subscribe :)

  • megathornful says:

    your resolution is peanuts

  • AvgOpinion says:

    If you interested in trying Eve out, email me at avgopinion420@hotmail.com, I can get you a free 21-day trial instead of the standard 14 day trial. If you like the game and activate it, then I will recieve 30 days free for referring someone. If that happens I will pay you 100 mill of in game currency, which for a new player will go a really long way!

  • Paracaz says:

    @AntonPrivalov1 are you an idiot? every mmo game is monthly payment.. you expect developers to make a game, sell it one time fee and develope it and upgrade and bugfix it for 5+ years for free? are you serious?

  • Thelewer says:

    @pminnieur My dick is a 21.5″ HD 4670.

  • AntonPrivalov1 says:

    there is eve online on Disc, but i dont know ,when you buy it do you still have to pay after 30 days expiered , because i want ,but i dont what to pay each time(its not fair!!!!!) ……. they make money on it …… can you imagine 32,500 ppl play it 1 month and they pay again, multiply 32,500 on 12 and on 14 euros thats how much they get each year!!!!!! it would be better if needed to buy it 1 time and pay like 2 bucks …… well tht is fair. Thumbs up if you agree! Dont forget to reply!

  • Cubekiller04 says:

    This game confuses me :S

  • stew890 says:

    @nzqi1 Whatever you want to :)

  • nzqi1 says:

    wtf do you do in this game?

  • Marxxxfangurl69 says:

    @ShadowOfChaoS666 the best way to think about eve is that it is like X3 but massively multiplayer and with what in most games are considered “capital ships” (although that means something different in eve) like battleships and cruisers and freighters and stuff wholly replacing any dogfighting-based gameplay. There are fighters, but those are computer controlled and players only ever launch those and command them around en masse. Really, the feel of the EVE user interface is more like an RTS

  • jmcfar8947 says:

    lol my 8400GS runs this on high with no problems. u dont need a very good computer to run this

  • tomcat16789 says:


    no cockpit mode

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