EVE-Online Fresh BACON (Hostile Detector)

You thought it was gone, but it’s back! What this little application does is watch your local window for you and alarm you (very loud) if there are any hostiles. When the application is active it will ping like a submarine radar (the sounds can be changed easily) just to let you know that it’s watching your local window. If your shields get fucked up it’ll give you a PROPER audio alert, also if you accidentally hide your EVE window it’ll let you know that something is wrong. Oh yeah, you can’t get this unless you know me. Also I want to sell it for OVER 00 so nobody’s getting one. — Disclaimer: At the time of this video, the use of this program was void of game violations. For information, please continue reading about the EVE-Online EULA and the arguments against the application causing a game violation. The EVE-Online EULA: www.eveonline.com (Updated January 19, 2008) Specifically relevant sections: 6. B. 7. A. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. C. Lets go through the EULA sections individually: 6. B.: No subsection ((i) (ii) (iii) and/or (iv)) are broken by this application, seeing as it does not affect any of the sections, with the exception of (iv) which must be reviewed separately. 7. A.: 1., 2., 4. and 5. are not affected at all by the program, seeing as it does not interfere with the EVE system at all. Under section 3. the program does not breach the terms of the EULA, seeing as no program function facilitate the acquisition of items, currency, objects, character attributes

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