EVE Online: fear of the dark (widow)

This video was made to celebrate the awesome new look of the Widow (Caldari Black Ops). Since that ship is not available on Tranquility yet, all footage was shot at the Testserver (Singularity)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • bouhcbeta says:

    i find this video very easy to masturbate to….

  • VarykGerai says:

    and recons

  • Jeff55369 says:

    you have a recon or a cov ops light a covert cyno and then jump to it with your black ops. it’s a nasty tactic and the cyno only lasts 30 seconds [I think] so its not putting the cyno ship in too much danger.

  • aeanmark says:

    for starter’s its black ops……

  • aeanmark says:

    amazing video man, i’m a month out from my Widow =]

  • jnj0128 says:

    It’s bonus’s sort it so it can war without be targeted… Bonus to velocity while cloaked always it to insta warp upon decloak…

  • CiryathAldarion says:

    Blackops are very nice to be used for ganks. There is only one hostile reported anywhere, you feel safe. You go rat. Suddenly 10-12 guys appear and gank you back to your mothers womb. When your cry for help arrives to your corp mates, the hostile fleet is back in their base enjoying their drinks and fighting who gets to have first round with your corpse.

  • Jugman10000 says:

    If it could warp-cloak i would buy one in a heart beat but without that ability its pointless in my opinion. what good is a covert ship that can’t be covert? il stick with my navy issue :)

  • CykoNL says:


  • pie666753 says:

    stealth bombers do yes but AFs can do well tanking it depends how you fly them i guess

  • Peter Petermann says:

    except t2 frigattes die fast and are useless for proper pvp nowadays. tackling is better done by dictors.

  • pie666753 says:

    instead of geting a BC t2 i would think people would be better in t2 frigs :D then its not to much of a step up to get to bc (in my case ignoring cruiser) after a few weeks at the most (for t2 med guns)

  • BClay74 says:

    @Hades: Yea, I agree. I’m aboutr 3/4′s of the way there to fly a Widow. Not to mention the old ship skin was ugly as hell. Caldari ships always seem to be asymmetric, so this is a VERY nice change.

  • HadesObsidian says:

    I love the new design. The older one looked so disjointed. Like it was missing a piece to it or something. As Caldari ships do. The rotating radar sensor was a nice touch. Another sixty days or so I should be able to fly mine ^.^ I just personally think it’s bullshit you have to have Jump Drive Operation at lvl 5 before you can even fly it. I mean…so what if I don’t know how to use the wind shield wipers in my car…I can still drive it damn it! ….Just not in the rain.

  • H8FilledVoid says:

    They need to revamp some of the other ships now too. The guys that remade the scorpion are win

  • CiryathAldarion says:

    I simply love this soundtrack. The lyrics describe the way I use my blackops so well that I cant stop listening to the song. Ship class has its limitations but it doesn’t make the ship useless nor dull to operate. It has its own niche.

    PS. if I didn’t mention this, very good choice for soundtrack.

  • TiltedGames says:

    what peter said. you can probably focus train a BC in a few weeks from the get-go…however being able to fit it the way you want to will take some more time.

  • Peter Petermann says:

    that depends alot on what you think is a decent pvp ship, you can be in a t2 fitted battlecruiser for pvp in like 2 month, if you have a focused skillplan

  • widowmakr124 says:

    How long would you say it would take to get something like a Battlecruiser or battleship, to tank or DPS?

  • TiltedGames says:

    it all depends on what you define as “decent pvp ship”. in eve there are a countless number of roles for each ship….and with each ship comes millions of different fits…add to that pilot skill training and other effects (such as implants and boosters) and pilot skill and cunning, every pvp encounter is 100% different from the next. that being said there are many ways to pvp. but you can play a very efficient support class (tackler) within a week or so.

  • widowmakr124 says:

    how long would it generally take to get a decent PVP ship?

  • David Anderson says:

    The ship and the paintjob. This chasis deserved this upgrade.

  • thraushtins says:

    great looks great still needs farther jump range and better resists otherwise it will be just as useless but better loking lol.

  • Kaninerness says:

    “Since that ship is not available on Tranquility yet, all footage was shot at the Testserver (Singularity)”

    Ah thats why you use it for PVP on sisi only. now i understand, cus if it was on TQ with that skin, you would use it there every day right?

  • blugecko1978 says:

    yay it’s symmetrical!

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