EVE Online Fanfest 2009 – CCP Presents!

Find out what’s on the horizon for EVE, from incarnated pod pilots walking the halls of Yulai and Dust 514 mercenaries strutting though mud and napalm to social tools and an ecosystem of products and services. EVE is quickly becoming something bigger than anyone can fully comprehend…

Video Rating: 4 / 5

See Lyrics below. Vocals & Lyrics Sveinn Jóhannesson Kjarval 2nd Vocals: Hinrik Haraldsson Bass: Ari Eldon Jónsson Guitar: Frank Arthur Blöndahl Cassata Drums/concept/producer/video: Arnar Valdimarsson Recording,mastering and synths: Jón H. Haraldsson DJ: Gústaf H. Gústafsson Lyrics: Intro First off – let me make a short introduction I’m the space 5.0, keeping EVE from destruction Guard is the name, Lead master of the game Top dog in the gamemaster hall of fame Im chillin at my desk with two girls and one pimp cup Sippin champagne, reading mails checkin what’s up Isk spamming scum bags disturbing the peace? WOOP WOOP its the sound of space police! Every day is a fight, there’s no room for bloopers Bugs coming at us like in Starship troopers We help when we can, every child, every man Treat the boogie man to a permanent ban! CHORUS x2 We’re CCP! We march on fearlessly! Excellent is what we strive to be! If you’re going to follow us to the top HARDEN THE FUCK UP! You best watch out bitch if you’re an exploiting scammer Guard will gank you in the face with his big ban hammer Remove all your Isk , throw your ass in the slammer Make you share a cell with a manic ISK spammer Like a never ending spam thread on racist biking This song has something for everyone’s liking Holy shit I see local spiking …ladies and gents, its techno Viking! Chorus x2 Ever flowing – never standing still We roll with the punches, move in for the kill The competition ends up six feet in the ground

Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 Responses to “EVE Online Fanfest 2009 – CCP Presents!”

  • Mattsfridge says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay.. Just saying..

  • Mattsfridge says:

    Pretty sure hilmar is gay…. Oh well he’s got SICK GAME IDEA!!!

  • dragdritt says:

    pre-alpha demo, yea real representing of release graphics… :| 

  • DamnDrtyVagrant says:

    damn right

  • monstanator says:

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  • SuchAParawhoree says:

    Can someone please tell me where the Incarna Preview videos are? I watched one with actual footage of what they have planned.. The guy was walking around in a club playing games on tables and everything.. Few things went wrong and it was really funny, i think it was at fanfest but i cant find it.. I really wanna watch it again, anyone?

  • ploothable says:

    What I don’t understand about this game is why doesn’t CCP put heavier focus on building hype? Things such as fitting vehicles and vehicles costing killpoints are unique to the genre. If they could come up with some resistance-like weapons and work with PS first-party dev’s on the cell broadband processor architecture to achieve R3, KZ3, UC3-graphics, hype would hit the roof with help of an over-budgeted trailer.

    P.S. This game lacks good SpecFX, sound and particles, i.e. graphics in general.

  • ploothable says:

    I would, but since Incarna, my computer falls apart if I so much as move my mouse in the direction of the launcher.

  • RyRyUNDEAD says:

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  • SuSeamaun34 says:

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  • JinRenegade says:

    As if I don’t know that, I was just saying how it’s kind of funny seeing it in 2011.

  • atwoods3 says:

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  • Bigalinbklyn83 says:

    They originally wanted it to launch on both systems but Xboxlive has to many restrictions! Also this video is from 2009…

  • SonsOfSek says:

    ill take it but can u make the character cause my computer cant handle the creator

    Amarr plz

  • ALEX250692 says:

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  • JinRenegade says:

    Funny how DUST 514 is being played with a 360 controller (look at the dev on the left at 1:24:53) when the game isn’t even coming to the 360 anymore, it’s a PS3 exclusive as announced at E3 2011.

  • nasserq11 says:

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  • atwoods3 says:

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  • Brendanwci says:

    lol so corny is funny

  • AvgOpinion says:

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  • paldesic2009 says:

    I never knew you could have videos that last this long on youtube

  • BlueRaptorTiger says:

    Badass CCP.

  • ScottWired says:

    Dating online is for pussies. HTFU krist

  • krist981 says:

    youtube.com/watch?v=uvZlNQDmgdc much better

  • ScottWired says:

    I do agree that CCP got a bit softer but remember that Mittani was actively promoting bullying against a single person who was under a lot of emotional and mental stress.

  • nottinylil says:

    <3 CCP

  • sgtmichael812 says:

    185 Dislikes are probaly from WOW cuz blizzard cant make 1 big server and have this kind of humor

  • Concord003 says:

    what exactly? I love Blizzard, but I don’t know if they ever did anything like it… Is there a link?

  • 0mni42 says:

    So I just noticed the pun in the name “Permaband”.

  • EnvaReaver says:

    shhh dont let anyone know

  • DheeradjS says:

    Link or GTFO

  • JKOK6 says:

    You need one less ‘C’, otherwise we’re not talking about the same guys at all.

  • GamingScrubs says:

    What does that even mean?

  • Asaliuru says:

    Pics or didn’t happen.

  • achekyule says:

    Its funny because Daihatsu.

  • 9144386 says:

    they did? link?

  • 9144386 says:

    this is what CCP should be like now sux what they have become :( 

  • ItCameFromTheSkyBeLo says:

    Blizzard does.

  • GibblingX says:


  • EnvaReaver says:

    I want to buy that cup, cane, and hammer.  CCCP TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  • john01231 says:


  • Overkillius says:

    Honestly I assumed stuff and replied about 10 seconds in before actually watching the video. Blizzard doesn’t have all of their employees in music videos as far as I know. What I was referring to though was L70ETC (Or whatever the hell they are called nowadays) Which is a band of Blizzard employees that makes Blizzard game related songs. Still cool stuff though.

  • KageStodder says:

    Do you have a link? :D 

  • inferno7654 says:

    These guys are completely out of mind… and the same time, the most ingenious in videogame industry… is for this that i love them !
    CCP is an example to follow for other videogames producer !
    Who said EA ?

  • Overkillius says:


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