EVE Online Fanfest 2009 – “Beer Ship”, Nathan Richardsson’s Entrance

Shown as Nathan Richardsson took to the stage at Fanfest 2009. Arnar Valdimarsson: Director/Script/Camera Baldur J. Baldursson: Audio Greg Kruk: 3D Animation Jón H. Haraldsson: Audio Jóhann Reynisson: 3D Animation Kasper Ø. Hansen: Mapping and texture baking Robin Whitehead: 3D Animation Sölvi H. Ingimundarson: 2D Animation/UI Willem van Biljon: Modeling and texture artist

25 Responses to “EVE Online Fanfest 2009 – “Beer Ship”, Nathan Richardsson’s Entrance”

  • RiftManual says:

    Most excellent!

  • ALEX250692 says:

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  • Dagg215 says:

    My uncle was told me about a guy who worked for CCP that was flying around in a pod. Guess what was equipped on that pod? A “Super mega ultra deathray.” CCP, you make me lol.


    this video doesnt relate to teh game at all dont be fooled new players. you can be scammed out of real money on this game and the game master will laugh at you.. but if you say im going to kill you as in in game.. your account is terminated.. thes guys are ass holes and they hire idiots that make music videos instead of investigating into potitions.. they dont care about the player…. if your going to play pay with ingame money not real money thes guys started the original scams…

  • justSlacS says:

    haha les salooo!!!

    “Jambon beurre fromage putain!” (ham butter cheese f*ck!)
    “la bourse ou la vie!!” (money or die!!)

    i love taht game, french, english, russian,
    all countries through the world can play together,
    it’s really cool !!

    every races are cool, and have different tactics for fight, im french,
    and i appreciate russian players cuz they are strong ingame !!

    but.. i aint like Amarr, they HAVE 2 DIE by rockets and gateling :p
    me and my Minmatar friends have to clean NewEden from Amarr !

  • VladiSSius says:

    No dont blow the asteroid belt… I need Veldspar! Veeeellllddddssssppppaaaarrrrrr!

  • davelantor says:


  • Alexc3217 says:

    I need to charge mah lazors!

    As always, caldari save the day!

  • lolman5921 says:

    Apparently the bad guys are french and like cheese, based on the “ancient dialect”

  • cejason says:

    3 MINS?! OH SHIT NO!!!!

  • commandotoy says:

    damn i want to make a nuke out of a astroid in the battle of an alliance war…
    and just totaly pwn all their ships!!

  • chereadnine says:

    Oveur edition booze ship….next tourney prize??

  • fuduzan5562 says:

    @liidan15 Yes, just like every other ship. You just need the skills to pilot it, and they aren’t dependent on race.

  • liidan15 says:

    can other factions have other titan’s that are not their own faction’s titan?…anyone understand me?

  • eno88 says:

    …. i want a mining laser like that…

  • tanjelotin says:


  • tharanginishadi says:

    My name is Mike from LA Although there busizz4me.info

  • 5678sothourn says:

    Clearskiesthemovie. com is the closest there is to EVE becoming an online movie.

  • BannanaOfDoom says:

    Sorry no sound in space

  • CalicoatMaker says:


  • thEsPamer106 says:

    3:03 The TRUE power of Caldari miners.

  • Aang6678 says:

    HAL-DOR is awesome :)

  • ICT117 says:

    @raptors222222 Absolutly. :) also well said.

  • raptors222222 says:

    @ICT117 A First for the MMORPG industry.

  • ICT117 says:

    @raptors222222 well ofcourse they do, they like us more then we like them… And I sure its not because we pay them money every month or something so shallow :P

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